Speak On Behalf

Why do you defend him?
Why do you defend her?
Why? Why?

I believe in Jesus
And the healing ministry revealed to me
Through the unknown intercessor

Seeking reconciliation
Between two arguing parties
Only to be told they refuse to reconcile

Unexpectedly, my dad speaks on my behalf
Own husband refuses to find out the matter
Stubborn in his own presumptions

Inspiration On: Saturday, 13 March 2016

I’m in my parents’ room and talk with my dad and brother how to correct the way I talk to my husband. Yes. I say it too blunt instead of using dad’s long explanation. The reason I am being blunt is due to him refused to check on the leaked tap water. Suddenly, there is a soft knock. Dad, brother and I suspect my son knocks. I check the matter and he is innocent. My son explains that he doesn’t knock. My younger brother callously cause him to swear. I intervene to tell him to stop from making my son to swear. That means the supernatural has come in the manifested form. This clearly shows that the bickering and disunity come from the evil one. This I tell Uncle William Yeo. I explain the dragon dream then my son got fever. This afternoon there is a soft knock at my parents room door. Immediately, he explains that unforgiveness can invite the evil one. Then dad shows the article about the mystery of nature. Now science ables to explain on certain parts of nature. But not all mystery can be solved. Yesterday, the Lord reveals the truth that natural comes from supernatural. Apostle Paul repents himself from persecuting the Christians. The Lord delivers him from the evil plots of the people by placing him in prison for two years and to have soldiers escort him.

At night, my husband returns home telling the maid no need to cook dinner for him. Because he works late at night. Then he claims that he has done all the groceries. I need to think for him. I do care about him and learn to save. He doesn’t see. Only ready to pinpoint my mistakes. From there, I know that he is trying to make things difficult. He voiced out that I go out to bring money home and he stays at home. Then I raise my voice. My dad and mum intervene on the situation and explain on the issues the new maid has caused. Still my husband refuses to change the maid. Does he really care about our son?

So they propel me to prepare for tomorrow’s interview. Then I ask them into the room and share about the issue. Dad gently points out on my mistakes to learn to cook and spend more time with my son. It’s normal for the men to be angry. So I voice out my feelings. Does it mean I don’t need to protect them? They say no need. I don’t like that. Inside I feel that they just want to quickly wash their hands off me. Lord, that’s how I feel. In fact, if I listen to God before marriage, I won’t let others in this awful state. No wonder, there are mixed feelings bottling inside. Abandoned. Don’t let me reach to my potential capability. Now I only care how God is leading me to let me reach to my potential. So that I can contribute to His kingdom through the society.

Wish you all have good days and thank you.


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