Leadership Role

Leadership role is to learn to
My energy

Leadership calling into
Business owner?

What should I do?
Where are you leading me to?
Be my guide through others

Inspiration On: Tuesday, 15 March 2016

I meet MLST to pray for him because he is down with fourth stage cancer. I never expect he shares about the diploma in leadership and people management. He wants me to find three more people so that he can teach others too. Since I have maxed out my government credit for the leadership course, he encourages me to check it online because government can top it up. I wonder where God is leading me to. I think of asking CMF and JH to join me.

In the cell group at my cell leader’s house, I enjoy the repeat bible study on spirit, soul and body. Then I begin to confess in my today’s meeting about the spirit working in my house. The small knocks on Sunday afternoon that almost lead to accuse my innocent son. And also my husband who refuses to change the maid and refuses to check on the matter. They pray against the spirit of disunity. Then I share my dad’s testimony. He sees a higher power and the one who tries to harm others get trapped by their own harm.

Then I share about meeting a trainer. Out of concern, they say that it is common sense not to go to an old man’s house to be introduced to his family members. People can misunderstand me whether he wants me to be his mistress. I say no. I meet him is because someone says he is down with fourth stage of cancer. So I’m thinking to pray for him. I never expect him to talk about training. Their concern is suddenly cleared and negated with my experience with CW. DC (my sister’s friend) misunderstood me walk with a guy to an apartment. Actually he accompanied me to church. I clear the matter by showing my Bible Study certificate of attendance.

Finally, I confess that I’m doing writing ministry to reach out for God. It is the impression through reading the bible. I’m surprised someone seek for a prayer.

Wish you all have good days and thank you.

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