Blessing in Birthday Month

Deep hurt from within
Nothing else comfort
Only holding tightly to
My Lord Jesus Christ
Seeking His hands
Being grateful in every little things
Being hurt in certain things

Arising self-awareness
Comes from inner strength
Inner strength in the Jesus
Self-acceptance sips in
Acceptance from Abba Father
Situations are either storm or blessing
Part of life

We are not alone
Because . . .
We have Jesus in our hearts
Who is the anchor of our faith
Lord, have mercy in our weaknesses
Restore the first joy and love
Receiving Your Son as our Lord and Saviour

Inspiration On: Sunday, 20 March 2016

Thank God and thankful for the people He brings in contact to my life.

Mum, dad, sister, her husband and Daughter, Brother and his girlfriend celebrate my birthday with my son. I feel so comforted and grateful.

My brother’s blesses me with body shop as birthday gift.

Clarifying with WC the reason he gives the Thomas and friends toy. He doesn’t need it because it comes together with train toy he wants.

Dad and mum to guide me how to break the good news of the temporary job and the animation class every Tuesday and Friday.

Clarifying with JL the reason she says she is the fish. She says that the fish represents her since she isn’t in the photo. It is just a joke. She asks whether I’m happy. I can only be honest that I can be half happy and half blue. She is more blue. Now, I begin to see the real her.

My husband to buy Siew Mai for me because my son instigates him to do so.

Asking my son to pray and ask Jesus to stop the new maid from lying. Because he speaks up that she doesn’t tell him to brush his teeth first.

Wish you all have good days and thank you.

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