Screwed yet Gracious

On first day of work
False wall power socket looses
Out of its original state
Monitor is dead
Next day phone line is completely inaccessible
Third day scanning documents
Refuses to appear in the network path
A close friend and I follow up on the issues
Only to realise
I end in the worst cubicle
Feel out of place
No sense of belonging
Another colleague shows his concern
Soothing my anxious heart

Inspiration On: Monday, 28 March 2016

Glad I can use the printing. Oh no! Scans do not appear in my server. Call the facility and IT department to solve scanning, network, telephone and monitor issue. Only to find out:

A flat rectangle is loosed. It is a part of the false wall dismantled on my first day of work. Why do I sit on the worst cubicle than anybody? Why do problems often find me? Since the boss is on leave, I send him an email to request for an unpaid leave to attend leadership course. Unexpectedly, my good friend gives me a good news that our boss grants me to attend class. Phew. I almost scared to give him the wrong impression.


4 thoughts on “Screwed yet Gracious

  1. There seems to be a constant battle between the IT people and everyone else, no matter where you go. It seems like your boss is pretty good thus far, though. 🙂

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