Created Connections

Through current job
Rendered products and services classification
Solve the lost connections in me
Connections are created between two dots
May my Lord enables me to continually do so

Inspiration On: Monday, 4 April 2016

My supervisor treat me dinner to do OT and gently explain my mistake. Throughout the overtime work, I learn something new. It is to list on the merchants payment device that needs to be collected due to no payment. The company assigns different alphabets to differentiate different rendered products. According to my memory, this company begins with their terminal devices then card payment. So I make the biggest mistake to come out with so many products.

MF my close friend and I have the same understanding not to say on my automated coding. It is better to keep a low profile. If it is successful, it is the best. If not successful, keep quiet and will not be scolded. Great to find such a friend.

The VBA code for the automated letter template is almost completed. I just can’t find the right keyword to format its fonts style and type. And also how to create a page break and to add other records. I’m anticipating a coder colleague’s coming tomorrow to discuss on the right keywords. He is the one who writes the excel macro. Amazing.

Unexpectedly, my supervisor catches me doing the automated coding. He praises me and I can only reply that it is not perfect yet. He replies that I am perfect enough. So embarrassing.

Wish you all have good days and thank you.

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