Women with Undiagnosed High Functioning Autism

During my attendance to night art classes, I get to befriend two classmates. I share to them my experiences in life. The need to be a chameleon in social situations. Suddenly, today’s High functioning autism why many women are undiagnosed article triggers such memories. I’m surprised the reason I use “chameleon” as a metaphor. Because I have been trying to fit in but to no avail. 

14 thoughts on “Women with Undiagnosed High Functioning Autism

  1. I accepted I’ll never fit in a long time ago, I’m o.k. with that. You should post your artwork. I would be interested in seeing it

  2. Hello, Yoshiko

    Never force his deep nature.
    If being in society displeases you; so do not insist.
    Make your learning alone, where you feel best.
    You have a blog, so you have the ability to communicate.
    Humans in general are exhausting, disappointing and cowardly.
    You do not need them for certain things.
    “It is better to be alone, than poorly accompanied.”
    “One never better served, that by oneself.”

    Choose the people with whom you feel confident.
    Know that loneliness awakens great virtues.
    Never let yourself be hurt, physically or psychologically.
    Do not underestimate yourself, be strong, tall and brave.
    Love and kindness must be reserved for the people who give it back to you.
    Art is a good catalyst and looking at nature and the animals , its a thousand times richer in teaching.
    If you draw; do it first for yourself.
    When you feel ready and have worked enough; Publish your work without expecting anyone, because you have to know your own value deep within you.

    Good continuation


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