Thank you to the faithful followers

Currently, I have been taking classes to improve my skills to find work.

Thus, I have been missing blogging my hearts out.

However, I would like to thank my faithful followers, and the new followers.

I am so grateful for your kind patience and faithfulness.

Thank you for all your kind encouragements.


A cell leader mentioned the meaning of mess is taking drugs, involved in gang fight and other social issues. 

Thus I want to clarify that my mess means literally mess. 

One of my room table is messy

Organise things until I can’t find own thing

Delayed ADHD, autism diagnoses can hurt girls

Delayed ADHD, autism diagnoses can hurt girls article reminds me of happened and current situation. My mother and even friends give me honest feedback. I tend to jump from one topic to another topic. As stated in the article, Halvorson mentioned “It takes all of my energy to focus, and I find myself flying around from one thing to another”. I do so due to feel that the topic is related to the topic from past experiences. However, I have problems in creating the connection. Currently, I do get distracted a lot especially in my marriage life.

I agree with Halvorson that my experiences give me more empathy. I’m surprised from the C-Vat test that my empathy level is too high – 9 out of 10. It helps me in terms of relating to others.

I am interested to interact socially and receive the compliment of being a good listener. Because I tend to listen and very quiet. Though I try to communicate, I communicate more through actions and words. Liebe highlighted that girls with autism tend to have better underlying communication skills. They’re able to show empathy and social interest, which deflects easy diagnosis.

I have been attempting to fit in but having difficulty to do so. I embarassly admit that I don’t care about fashion. I love to feel comfortable with the way I wear. My business mentor cum business partner highlight that I don’t care how I look like. I am literal in the way I speak. But I don’t know whether I am blunt in the way I express. I have trouble in being assertive so I unknowingly let others cross into my boundary. Now, I thank the Lord to be more assertive.

Psychologist asks Autistic

The psychologist looked at my academic grades and good work attitude testimonials. Then she asked many questions. Her diagnosis is that I have the autistic symptoms but different case. She asked me, “how do you survive?”

“Don’t know,” was my reply.

I think a lot on it and reflect.
If given second opportunity, I want to thank Jesus and the people who has been helping me a lot.

Wish you all have good days and thank you.


In the morning, I got a shock of my son’s high fever. I thank the Lord to keep me in peace through the power of the Holy Spirit while bringing my son to see doctor with my husband. Yes. He chose to give our son shower when my mum advised not to do so. That’s his mistake. I choose not to point. So in the morning, he looks concerned of our son’s well being by asking my opinion whether to see doctor or bring him to hospital. Instantly I ask his opinion. He chooses to go to the clinic. Then I let him decide. Does he realize the consequences of his actions towards our son? Once we have visited the doctor, my cell members introduce certain food to reduce our son’s fever through external use. I share this to my husband. He mocks such method due to scientists have not proven it. He laughs mockingly at my friends. Then he can even mentioned I don’t know about medical approach. That can show he only cares his own opinion. Not all written researches are correct. Nowadays, every medical content tend to disagree each other. I have been learning and applying about Google in content marketing in website development. I understand this issue better.