Girls’ Invisible Autism

Internalized feelings
Silence with unfamiliar people
Attraction towards pets
Being lost in own world
Termed as being shy

In silence
Overwhelmed with sensory overload
Anxiety and fear deep inside
Masking with expressionless face
Pouring out my hearts to Jesus
Seeking to overcome own challenges
Observing and smile to babies and pets

Inspiration On: Saturday, 22 April 2017 at 8:11am

I divulge my autism issue with friends whom I feel comfortable with. My struggle is in communication. Socializing with strangers is not a problem. It depends on whom I feel comfortable to talk to. My friends label me as being introvert and shy. Am I shy? That’s my question.

I do not understand myself. Seeking to have self-understanding. Last year, the autism diagnosis had tested me positive. It created mixed feelings – fearful, upset, relief. “Why You Cannot See My Daughter’s Autism?” news help me to have a better understanding of myself.

Autism is a Controversial Issue – People Fighting Online

I don’t like to be treated with pity. Therefore, in the physical world, I choose not to divulge my autism. So that they can treat me like normal people. However, I disagree with those people with nasty words.

Now, I can accept my autism. After reading a book to understand myself, I can accept my autism and treat it as a gift.

I’m glad to be able to meet Autistic Anna to enable to have a better self-understanding in terms self-care in mental, physical and psychological health.

Personally, I agree with Anna in her last paragraph that I can’t reason with people who only cares about their own opinions.

Why Some Companies Are Trying to Hire More People on the Autism Spectrum

It is a great news for the autistic people stated in the Why Some Companies Are Trying to Hire More People on the Autism Spectrum news. 

The news also help me to understand the reason I behave in a certain way 

  1. Looking at data. Now I enjoy studying human behaviours and artistic endeavours. Now reading data bores me. 
  2. Enjoy mathematical concepts and even artistic concepts
  3. Attention to detail
  4. Focus over long periods of time, and looking at large bodies of information and spotting anomalies

The Brain Difference That Allows People With Autism To Pick Up Tiny Details

The article about The Brain Difference That Allows People With Autism To Pick Up Tiny Details enlightens me to understand myself better and how I can overcome my weaknesses. I also hope such articles can help the younger autistic people to understand themselves better and receive earlier help. In conclusion, the autistic more likely to use two parts of their brain. Thus cause the slowdown. 

Heavenly Father, You are the One who created me and knows me best. You have forgiven my sins. I forgive those who sins against me. Many times, You are speaking to me to see the trees and the tiny details of every observation. Please enable me to use the natural abilities You have blessed me with. In Jesus’ name I ask. Amen. 

11 Reasons Why Children Under The Age of 12 Should Not Use Handheld Devices

Take care of our children’s safety in using handheld devices. Restrict them from handheld devices is good. I have been restricting my son from handheld devices in order to protect his eyes. However, my parents find me a nuisance to let my son play games with handheld devices. Today, a friend sends me 11 Reasons Why Children Under The Age of 12 Should Not Use Handheld Devices article has listed down on child’s developmental issues. This is the part my parents need to understand.