Pain Awakes

Awake from pain
Awake through pain
Awake in pain

To see a person’s true colours
To separate the truth from lies
To realize own mistakes

Admit own mistakes
Only to be treated as scapegoat
Others throw their mistakes onto me

Letting others control over my life
Let them go by walking away
Enable me to be in control of own emotions

Speaking up to assert myself
Speaking up to create own boundary
Speaking up to stand up for others

Living in continuum pain
Seeking God’s healing
Live to please my Lord

Inspiration On: Monday, 28 April 2014 at 4:50am
Revised On: Monday, 30 January 2017 at 9:30pm

Everyday’s pain in dealing with people births out this poetry. I learn to realise of my own weaknesses and to stand up for my family and myself. Wish you all have good days and thank you.

Judgmental / Poor Listeners

Assumes beforehand
Quick to judge
Quick to stereotype
Quick to finish up sentences
Quick to speak
Ear drums are filtered
Full of opinions
Overlook unexpected important heart-to-heart issues
Instantly jump into conclusions

Inspiration On: Monday, 5 September 2016

Suddenly, my ex-mentor attempts to help me. Then I begin to understand her good intention by trying to help me with her way. Then she admits her weaknesses for being judgmental. Then I admit my recent newfound strength is being a good listener. However, it can be my weaknesses as I share my cases. Wish you all have good days and thank you.

Unbelievable Answered Limbo

Expecting communication skills guidance
Only to go through colour tests
Choosing the words that describe myself best
Listening to the instructions
Choosing the words in the cards describe me
Exchanging the cards not representing self with others
Return to respective seats

Coach instructs everyone
Count the most dominant colour cards
Thus I categorise and count
Arranging cards accordion to colour
Speechless with the colour card quantity
Four blue cards
Four green cards
Four yellow cards
Two red cards

Then he calls out those with most green cards
I lift up my hand
Explain green are yes people
Next he calls out the most blue cards
I lift up my hand
Explain blue are logical and negative people
The third call is the most yellow cards
I lift up my hand
Explain yellow are imaginative cheerful people
Fourth is red cards
My hand is on the table
He questions my red cards
Only two cards

Privately share my perspective of a map
Look like a flying bird to the coach
Due to I hear everybody answers America
Do I see wrongly?
Assures me
Nothing wrong with me
Due to belong to yellow card
Sudden revelation I tend to see things
In the bigger picture
An unbelievable answered limbo
The reason I don’t feel a sense of belonging

Inside my mind
Questions and wondering
What is God doing in my life?
Is God revealing about myself?
In the system training
My cell member’s questions are answered
Prepared to give her answer and informs her
Then I rush to the bathroom

Inspiration On: Wednesday, 27 April 2016

The communication workshop enables me to understand myself better. I just need to make sure the words in the cards describe me clearly. Huh? Suddenly, I’m surprised that my most cards are red, green and blue. Basically, I have four cards for each green, blue and yellow. And two red cards. I’m surprised to hear from the Lumina coach that I am well-balanced. That’s not what I want to hear. Then he forces us to choose one card out of all cards. I choose the yellow card, “my imagination leads me to no sense of reality”. However, the ideas have been executed and workable to solve the problem because I am a quiet person. So the coach separates us according to our colour choice. CMF is standing at the green whereas I stand at the yellow. However, the coach explains that I’m everywhere and well-balanced. I feel so sad to be separated from my friend. I share to the coach privately that I see American map as the bird. Hoping to understand myself. He reveals that I think of the bigger picture. I feel speechless because I can’t believe myself about myself.

In the system training and e-appraisal workshop, the person in charge explains how to use the system and welcome questions. My cell member’s question is answered. The transaction can be seen from system website seeing yesterday’s transactions.

Thank God for the courage to speak out and ask another colleague about IT and media department. She asks my experiences so I share from IT and arts background. I study in information system. However, due to my curiousity I manage to repair computer. When I ask about media department, my colleague reveals it is under marketing advertisement department. Suddenly, CMF rebukes me not to say such things unless I have a close friend in that department. That sends me an unhappy signal. Afterwards, I send message to her whether she is unhappy with me. She clarifies that she is concerned of me. In the lift, she carries my bag to see its weight. She mentions it is heavy and asks the things I bring. It is sketchbook, pencils, purse, cards, iPad and other miscellaneous stuffs.

The peace at the cell group meeting with SS, Lita, J and PL. I inform my cell member on the cut off date and viewing transaction. Glad for the peaceful clarification of declaring God’s Words to PM. Her questions are answered during continuing the Bible Study titled Spirit Soul and Body. After Josephine shares her husband and her unhappiness with her mother in law, I begin to share about Internet service provider issue and maid issue with my husband. My cell leader immediately assumes and pronounces her judgment to let my son takes shower by himself. I can sense it is pointless to explain. I feel so overpowered. In the end, I choose to shut my mouth. Because they don’t fully listen. So I just ask for prayer for the maid’s issue.

As we walk towards the carpark, my cell leader holds my left hand. My cell leader apologises that they don’t understand me well enough because we just get along since last October. Apology is accepted. It’s not the time to speak it out first. Appreciate for the cell leader’s leader gives us a lift to the nearby train station.

On my way home, suddenly I receive an email from CMF asking, “Where are you?” That causes my imagination runs wild. Do I make a mistake again? Or is she trying to clarify herself?

Wish you all have good days and thank you.

Stuck Again

Always stuck
Stuck in between
Stuck across schedule
Stuck in the many things

Praise God to make a way
His favour through my supervisor
Approves my request for unpaid leave
Attend morning to evening leadership course

Simultaneous events occur at night
Son is alone with the new maid
Own parents returns here
Cell group meeting

Seeking the Lord for His wisdom
Handle all these situations
Due to can’t split myself
Hunger and thirst for the right environment

Inspiration On: Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Lord, I feel stuck. Tomorrow, mum returns to here. There is a cell group too. Thank You for Your favour through Eric Tang that I can attend the leadership class. If I return home late, my son will be lonely. What should I do, Lord? Please help.


Deplete warning signs
Growling for power consumption
Mobile devices are wailing for electricity

Rushing towards the library
Eyes scanning for power outlet
Immediately charge all mobile devices

Charging process
Quiet down to read and process three ebooks
Then realizing of self-charge

Worship song is singing in my mind
Feeling at peace
Something good out of period of waiting

Inspiration On: Thursday, 3 March 2016

Upon reaching a meeting place, I quickly inform BL that I have reached. All the three mobile devices cry for energy. All of the energy is reaching to 1% except tablet’s energy is 19%. Library is the first place appears in my head to charge them. As I recharge them, I read and finish 3 ebooks in the tablet. I am also recharged. As I look at the time, it is around 7pm so I called BL many times but to no avail. I feel frustrated and impatient. Repetively, I ask the Lord to enable me to forgive her just as He has forgiven me. In the end, she calls back around 8:30pm plus and apologizes. She can’t hear the ringtone from her mobile phone. She doesn’t realize that she accidentally cause her phone into silent mode. And doesn’t know to switch on the ringtone. I accept her apologies. Though we didn’t able to meet and get my voice recorder back, something good comes out of it. I feel so recharged.

Wish you all have good days and thank you.

Down To Be A Clown

Fall flat to my face
Being down in a mud
Being clown soothes
My aching heart and mind
By laughing at my stupidity
Comical thinking of extreme disparity mindset
Strength from the Lord enters deeply

Inspiration On: Monday, 29 February 2016

It begins with, “down clown” then to, “when you are down, it’s time to be a clown. Laugh at yourself.” After editing it, I see how the Lord helps me to stand him and move on.

Wish you all have good days and thank you.

Insult Consultant

A question about
The meaning of insult
Digs into my bad experiences

Putting others down
Is an insult
Agree with such statement

Rape women
Is an insult
Explaining and giving my perspective

Inspiration On: Friday, 19 February 2016

WC baffles me to ask respectfully whether I don’t mind to clean his apartment flat for $50. Then he asks me about insult. Raping women and putting others down is an insult. Earning money as a cleaner is an honest way and not degrading. Then I share about my business mentor. I am surprised that she ever shared her experience to work at a restaurant. He also asks me not to laugh at me. Yes is my answer. He says that he has a 3 years old hobby to collect a trail train. Inside I feel so marveled. I’m visualizing of doing video recording. Good for my stop motion video. There is an inner child in everyone who wants to come out.

Wish you all have good days and thank you.

Bird Park or Park the Birds

Visiting the bird park
Enjoy the sights of many colourful birds
Birds from around the world
Preservation measure are properly cared for
Preventing them from extinction

Vitamins and minerals are inserted
Into their food
Certain types of birds
Population decreases rapidly
Near to extinction

Most likely due to
Air pollution
Water pollution

In the bird park
Many birds are protected and cared for
Spacious to roam being limited with a net
Prevent them from being hunted
Preserve them from extinction

A place where many birds are parked
Parading the birds across the countries
Many buildings have different purpose
Parking the birds species
Educating visitors to understand the birds

Bird park
Where the birds are parked
Park the birds
When the parking parades the birds show
Bird park bird

Inspiration On: Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Today is a family day to go to bird park with my husband and son. They want to watch the lion dance. The loud clash is enough to repel me from watching it. Its sound is so unbearable until I move behind the crowd and have a sit on a stony bench. If I know, I should have brought the ear plug.

Wish you all have good days and thank you.

Clear Resolution

Sense of relief for a protector Secure in my dad’s hands of protection
Thanking the Lord
Appreciating my dad

Sensing her to insert more guilt to me
Only think of my husband’s feelings
Solely protecting him and shift care of me
Wish to be free

Speaking up for myself
Does she ever bothers to listen to my heart?
Does she cares my insecure feelings?
Does she ever really respect me?

The one whom she cares most
Do not even appreciate her efforts at all
And even dare to chase her out of the house
Not keeping his promise

The silent one whom she cares
Cares her feelings too much
Choose to keep quiet of own opinion
To bring happiness to her

Being the silent one is
Treated like a fool
Treated useless
Taking my kindness for granted

Still I am committed to
Care my parents at old age
Now is the time to earn income
Reluctantly to enter into leadership

Inspiration On: Friday, 5 February 2016

BL recuperates from her mini heart attack; compliments my personal cv writing to apply for teacher. Then she poses a question that helps me to think through. “post sounds good but u hv not explained why you should get the job. below is too broad. pls try again. follow the ad and add into description. when must u submit? I have to focus on preparing for launch. A lot still not done … don’t think I can do much till Wed or so.” Then she suggests to meet up again and help me to find my focus. I thank the Lord and appreciate her kindness.

My mum brings my son downstairs to take school bus. The school bus boss sincerely comes to my block to seek resolution on the fetching point. However, he disbelieves his employee speaks such threats. My dad confronts, “how can a child lie?” Since he is so sincere, my dad agrees on the fetching point. Then he rebukes the driver’s words. From this, I see the truth and people’s lie towards me. I appreciate those who are direct and honest with me.

Finally, I speak up to my mum that I can’t stand those who don’t admit their mistakes and shift the blame to others. To add more to the fuel is to change the facts. Make right to look wrong. Make wrong to sound right. Then I share about my cousin Apo whose husband physically abuse her. Until now I remember such sight. I don’t want another second case of physical abuse. Then I point out that dad admits when he is in the wrong, doesn’t hit women, and honest. When she replies that my husband has good points, I abruptly explain myself. Yes! I know he has good points. I have been using his good points to comfort myself. In the end, it proves wrong. I remind her accusations, dad and my siblings against me. “Why aren’t you satisfied? You have a husband and son. Why do you still demand career?” She seems shocked. The more I explain myself. His lies and even his personality problem make me can’t stand to stay at home. Already being kind, he demands more. I have enough! Might as well I work! Then I share about my thoughts. Being kind to others without anything in return is alright. I hate it for others to demand more and bite me! I hate it when my kindness is being returned with evil!

Though I feel better to voice out about my feelings, I feel bad too to hurt her. I want her to wake up to her senses to stop her hurting words and always think all her opinions are correct. I do appreciate her kind help. Inside I feel bad to be so ruined and broken in my marriage life due to caring my parents’ feelings to get married instead of voicing out my own opinions. In the end, I lose my independence. My autism gots worse! Losing the structure. So fearful. Develop sociophobia. Psychological, mental and physical abuse occur. Diagnosed with anxiety disorder and depression. I can’t manage myself. Spiritually declining. Hanging onto my Lord and Saviour like a mad fellow. Crying non-stoply until my nurse friend diagnoses me with bipolar. Instead of being understood, always get scolded. This is the pain of being the only Christian in the family. The immense anguish to be a protector but failed terribly. I crave for an environment where I can truly share my heart. God hears my heart and will provide.

Wish you all have good days and thank you.

Push My Button

Meaning well without understanding
Claiming to understand me
Presumptions take over

Push my button
Mouth opens
Learn to be assertive

Confronting her assumptions with facts
The cause of wives abuses
Stopping her wrong thinkings

Grateful for husband to check on
Maid employment agencies
Letting him to own the responsibility

He speaks out
We are getting back together
Only certain part I will do

Our son seeks for cooling bed
He voices out
Remove the mattress protection

Push my button
I resolve and explain the difficulty and
Time consuming to dry the mattress

His excuse
Our son seldom urines
I speak out on the helper’s productivity

My response is based on facts
Increase our helper’s productivity
Stopping the talker passing responsibilities
To me and the helper
Being the doer suffer the consequences of
Walking the talkers’ assumptions without basis
Cleaning the mess of mistakes

Inspiration On: Monday, 4 January 2016

By faith, I proclaim the prayer for my husband. Then I realize God has done it before I receive the proclamation prayer from SS. I almost can’t believe it. It has happened and I thank God for it. Then I share His blessings to SS. She praises God and encourages me to continue. When we arrive Thomson Medical Centre, mum requests the doctor to do urine tests for the stated health report. I need to learn in this. I thank the Lord and appreciate her to show it. During waiting for gynae, we go for lunch at nearby cafeteria. We wait for 3 hours and see doctor Tan Wee Khin. Wow! She looks much better in her hairstyle. The nurse does papsmear. Doctor Tan checks my breasts and womb. My womb is very good. She asks my age and encourages me to have another one if I want to. Mum shows my health report to her about the urine issue. She comforts mum that drinking more water can solve the issue.

When we are waiting for the bus, mum tells me something I can’t remember. It pushes my frustrated button.

Inside I feel that I have never been so humiliated in my life. I do my best to love my parents and listen to their requests to get married first. Being fooled, humiliated and labeled by my husband and my mother in law. They also humiliate my parents. I can’t stand it and God sees and hears my prayers. I see His love and providence in projects work. I grabbed it desperately. Then my parents and siblings also label me badly. I do my best in ministry and work until I burnt out. See demons using my family members to shoot at me. The first one to get saved. Do they know it? All blame arrow points to me. Passing through my breastplate of righteousness. Causing mental breakdown. I also see God and satan at work through my friends. Thus it cause me a lot of confusion and lose trust in humans. However, I still can’t stop caring. Now, I am trying to discern and be prudent. My rright side head is more painful. Does she knows it?

I confront her of forcing me to use my right hand. Her perspective is to let me look like common people. Using left hand looks awful and have bad handwriting. I rebuff her with the facts I see that left handed people also have neat handwriting, good values and lead successful lives. Yes. I thank her perspective and effort. However, my left hand is writing and my right hand is writing too. It causes me the confusion. She ever mentioned to do business. When I want to do it, she and dad with my siblings go against it. They choose not to help and just want to see the results. Attempting to improve my communication skills and feel stuck, my business mentor had a hard time understanding me. I feel bad. Instead of soothing, they push me to the limit. They can only dissuade me. Until I voice out that I am more independent and much happier before I date and married. The reason many married women are abused due to their parents marry them away instead of letting them gaining financial independence. She asks where do I hear it from. Other people’s podcast.

After do my personality test, my empathy, loyalty and abstraction are high. Thus this cause my downfall to be taken advantage. At the same time, those are also my good points to care others as Jesus cares.

Then I confront her on my son’s discipline issue. When I discipline my son, I need her to collaborate instead of undermining my authority. Thus giving him the lack of respect for my authority as a mother. Is it so hard for her to tell it behind closed doors? The way she does is likened to the empress dowager’s control. She feels better to return to her hometown since I don’t like the way she does. I want her to respect my authority and stop her wrong ways. I am still committed to care her in her old age. Is it hard to receive correction? I explain to her the reason senior citizens can’t find job. It is due to them lack of respect towards younger bosses due to their pride. Finally, I still hold her hands.

Then she warns me “You should be have been careful with that Malay guy and insist on answers to basic questions!!!!”

I have resolved in my heart not to do work with him. He dared to made her look bad in the WhatsApp group and told me not to have baby sitter. She had stated clearly she and I are business partners. That shows his lack of respect and patience. Too bad I forget to tell her so I reply her, “Sure. Thanks a lot. I’m being wary now.”

“Please…. I don’t wish to waste my time talking to you!!”

“Anyway I’m still interested to apply for the creative agency job that SS’s CG member introduce.” I learn to clarify myself because I’m working on the portfolio.

I feel so frustrated with my slowness and mental agility. Until I seek for my CG’s prayer requests, “May I ask everybody’s prayer for mental agility. Because my mind is so clogged up. I have been doing my best to understand certain things by re-reading it more than four times. Thank you.” SS responds, “I decree and declare that you shall grow in wisdom and stature and have favor with God and man. The Spirit of the Lord will rest on you, the Spirit of wisdom and of understanding, the Spirit of counsel and of power, the Spirit of knowledge and the fear of the LORD.” By faith, “Amen. Thank you SS.” She explains, “Surrender all your thoughts and confusion at the foot of the Cross.” I thank her and feel so inspired.

Wish you all have good days and thank you.