Blessing in Accident

Who knows?
Who knows?
Your migraine can be healed
Through your fall
That strong fall to your cheekbone
Causing whole brain in great pain
Can be a blessing in disguise

Inspiration On: Saturday, 7 November 2015

Dad says that the fall can be a good thing too. My perpetual migraine might gets well. That is my question too. I have been wondering. Is there something good comes out of my fall accident?

Wish you all have good days and thank you.


Left feet steps into the slippery bathtub
Losing balance
Whole body falls
Right cheekbone knocks hard into the side bathtub
Two hands push my body up
Wallow in pain of the aching cheekbone
Thank God my head is safe

Inspiration On: Monday, 2 November 2015 at 11pm

I enter my left feet into the bathtub. Distracted with too much thought, I lose my left leg balance. My left feet slips and my right cheekbone bump heavily into the side bathtub. Immediately, I rub it and paralyzed by the great pain for a few minutes. Then I take shower. Thank God for the notion to pour hot water into a bowl with mini towel. Next, I lay the towel onto my aching right cheekbone. My son and helper care about the blue black at my right cheekbone and under my eyes. My husband doesn’t observe. Anyway, I just keep quiet about it. Does he really care about me? November house allowance is not even given. That shows he cares about his own pocket rather than me. I have been considering his feelings and care about God doesn’t like divorce. I am working on my career to earn income to be independent. Yet he cares only his mother’s and own opinions. In fact, I should realize it earlier during dating days on the conversation. When he knew my dad doesn’t fight for family inheritance, he mentioned that he will fight for it. That shows his security is in money.

Strange! Even though my husband has decided to give helper the pay, my helper still cares about me though I don’t earn much. It’s true that the way to care is being caring.

Wish you all have good days and thank you.


A rubbery board
Waiting for hopper
To hop and bounces up
Giving hopper fun and enjoyment
But only to a certain extent

Avoiding exerting too much force
Exert more force
The more the hopper bounces
But the hopper may hit the ceiling
Or the hopper may landed with accident

Beware of the
Use cautiously

Inspiration On: Saturday, 17 august 2013 at 1:21am
Inspiration Ends On: Thursday, 19 September 2013 at 1:02am

The idea of springboard came whenever I remembered the scene in Pingu animation where he jumps on the springboard.

Buried Longing

Nothing can replace her
Whom I long to see
Whom I long to meet
But never have the chance.

Papers of memory are
All I have.
Memories of her
Captured in photo.
She is my sister
My eldest sister
Whom I long to see
Whom I long to meet
Whom I long
Deep within my heart.

Living with such memory
Living with such longing
Hoping that the Lord
Will let me see her
One day.

People and relatives
Label me
Identify me
As the sister
Of the three years-old girl
Who died in a car accident.
But my sister is irreplaceable.
She is irreplaceable.
In my family’s hearts.

Inspiration On: Sunday, 24 February 2013 from 1:17pm to 11:20pm

The movie ‘The Lovely Bones’ triggered my buried longing and moved me to tears. Watching the movie made me think that though my dad didn’t show his grievances, he still thinks of my eldest sister. My dad’s employee bragged that he could drive. So he drove my dad’s car into the house backyard recklessly. My eldest sister was playing at the backyard with my mum. Tragedy occurred as the car crashed onto the cupboard then it pressed hard onto her. Everything happened very fast. My mother was grieved. During her mourning for months then she conceived me and comforted.

No wonder I can’t write eldest sister in my narration during my school days.

Road User

Cycling on the road
Accident may occurs anytime

Cycling on pedestrian footpath
Furious pedestrians reluctantly to give way

Why is the cyclist face with the dilemma to cycle on the road or on pedestrian foothpath?
Why is it unfair for the cyclists?
Cyclists are also taxpayers
Though not as prosperous as car drivers.

Why the government build road?
Why the government build pedestrian footpath?
Why the governments refuse to build more cyclist path?

In the past, the road was full of cyclists.
But now, the road belongs to the car and motorbike drivers.

Does the country want to have
Treasure of contentment?
Treasure of happiness?
Treasure of satisfaction?
Treasure of dollars?
Treasure of world war three?
Treasure of stresses?
Treasure of depression?
Treasure of anger?
Treasure of suicides?
Treasure of reckless drivers?

Inspiration On: Wednesday, 22 February 2012 at 6:40pm
Revised On: Thursday, 23 February 2012 at 1:23am

As I was pondering about the current society and compare it with the agricultural era, a lot of things are replaced tremendously. People depends more on machines and put less emphasize on manual labour. Farmers and livestock rearing are considered living in a backward society. I don’t think so. Without them, how will we have food to eat? Why do we look down on them? They are living an honest living. Though physically they are healthier than us, they seem to care for one another. In an urban society, we use a lot of mental energy to design and develop machines to aid us and leave the work of developing the machines to the one who has more physical strength. In the end, we are lack of physical fitness. But another type of machines is developed to make us exercise. Isn’t it a funny situation? We start to cut down eating carbohydrates, oil, sugar, salt, and many other things. Some doesn’t dare to eat too much until some becomes anorexic. Don’t our bodies need exercise?