Good Actions with Good Intention Withdraws

Intending to learn cooking
According to mum’s guidance
Joyfully checking my mobile phone
A sudden message from own husband
Instil a bad sense into my heart and mind

Needing solace and peaceful environments
Recharging my whole being and mind
Immediately leaving the house
Towards the nearby library
Awaiting mum and son

Pouring to the Lord
Asking the Lord a few times
Should I take on the mini project?
A project my ex-mentor refers to me
Needing the Lord in every small decisions

Make two big rounds into every part of library
All seat are fully occupied and need the toilet
Asking the Lord for a seat with power plug
The me returns after the toilet break
An empty seat and I occupy it

Use the MacBookAir that
The Lord blesses for many minutes
Sudden sense to notice the battery level
Before it prompts and warns me for energy
Immediate sense to stand and roam for a seat

Roaming into another part near the corner Noticing a lady leaves and I found a seat
Placing books onto it and return to the
First seat to move own things over
Charging all devices and phones

Mum and son finds me to
Have dinner together with the maid
Suggesting how to settle and speak out
A strong sense knowing it is pointless to say
Still need to face him and to speak out my point

Strength enters into heart and mind to face him
Observe his tone to insist returning the maid
Speaking out in order to reason with him
Letting him to open our drawer to keep
The maid’s passport

By pretending to leave the room
Informing own mother to call dad back
Return to own room and to see the truth
He locks it in his own drawer immediately
Then he takes shower and sound very happy

When I want to speak with our son
He calls our son loudly from the room
To speak with his mother on the phone
Our son speaks to her that the maid returns
On Monday will be on his own and by himself

Why would our son says so?
O Lord, which one is the truth?
What are You doing, Lord God?
Full of questions yet marvel my Lord
Trusting Him with process of my destination

Inspiration On: Saturday, 16 April 2016

Last night, my mum prepares lunch and dinner for my husband and I. I intend to heat up the food and fully cook it.

Last night, my husband messages me, “Tomorrow after lunch please bring maid to the maid agency train stop (including her passport & permit). Will meet you there to send her back to agent. Thks”

“Sorry. I can’t do it so soon.” I respond immediately.

Today, my mum treats new maid and her grandson lunch and dinner. My elder sister to get zoo tickets for mum, brother, my son, and new maid. Actually, she wants to invite our brother’s girlfriend. However, she can’t make it. So I let the maid goes to the zoo.

Today, I intend to cook dinner for my husband and I. Upon checking my mobile phone, I see his message, “Why cannot? Is after lunch. The reason I ask u to bring her to the train station is because I work morning, so no need to come back & bring her out again.” That message causes me to have cold feet. I feel disappointed. I respond, “My sister has tickets to the zoo. So she and our son go to the zoo.”

“Where is the maid?” he enquires.

Am I unclear? I’m implying the maid goes to the zoo with our son. Quickly I reply, “She goes to the zoo.”

He assumes, “I thought u said ur sister & our son go to zoo? Why become maid go zoo? Who else going zoo? I need to bring her back to agent. What time maid be back? Thks”

“The “she” means the maid. She’ll be back after dinner.” I clarify.

In the end, instead of exercising after lunch, I quickly leaves the house to go to the nearby library. Because I need a peaceful environment to quiet down and recharge rather than a conflicting environment. It feels good to be in the library and doing something and wait for mum to return home with my son. My dad’s words keep echoing, “don’t be scared easily”. So I ask the Lord for strength and courage.

When my son gives the new maid sweets, she answers his grandma says cannot. Sudden acute sense the maid lies. Knowing the Lord makes me realise this.

My son confides in me that his dad blames him for bringing new maid to the zoo. So I want to tell mum. Mum tells me my son confesses to her. He tells the maid to say she doesn’t want to go back to agent and she wants to stay here. However, she replies that she is scared to say so. I disbelieve the maid’s words. Because yesterday she can cause
my husband to wake me up to bring her to work.

The courage to speak out to my husband that the maid cannot return to the agent easily. She needs to wait for the new replacement. It is likened to working for people. When you want to leave, you can not instantly leave. You need to wait for the new replacement. He doesn’t respond. Sensing strange feelings when my husband calls our son loudly to listen to the phone. Our son talks on the phone to his grandmother that he will be independent at home since the maid will return to the agent tomorrow.

Wish you all have good days and thank you.

Attitude from Actions

Dump fried noodles into the rubbish bin
Obvious of such wastage
Explain through body gesture
No food wastage is allowed
Still she throws her own meal

Give her rice
She cooks and consumes noodle
Give her noodle
She cooks and eats rice
Give her dishes
Only to be left untouched

The drawer of neatly organised bowls
Turn into a mess
Bowls are arranged untidily
Things are lost
Placed elsewhere
Instead of being put into its original position

The one who look up to himself
Able to communicate to her
Found the lost bathroom slippers
Tell him to ask her diets
That is the suggestion from an elderly
Letting the person eats own words

Through such actions
Inside feel uncomfortable with such person
Her actions gives the sense of
Bad attitude
Attitude is shown through actions

Inspiration On: Friday, 4 March 2016

The new maid (from another country) throws the fried noodle given to her. What type of food does she eats? We can’t communicate due to different countries. As the employer, my family stand of point is to befriend the new maid and provide her a good working environment. However, the actions prove different. We give her rice, she chooses to cook and eat noodle for her meal. When we give her noodle, she cooks and eats rice. Give her dishes, she doesn’t eat. My dad suggests to me to tell my husband about it. Since my husband is the one who chooses the maid from another country, let him does the talking. When I ask the maid where she keeps all the bathroom slippers, she doesn’t understand my gesture. However, when my husband asks, she understands and brings the slipper.

Wish you all have good days and thank you.

P.S. I choose not to name the maid’s country of origin because different types of people exist in every race and country.


A sudden intuition
An ending is reaching
Words popping out

Mother and brother
Show the whole situation
Words are taught to speak to him

Seeking prayers from my prayer warriors

Impressions of reading ‘Leadership’
Guides my thoughts and actions
Abrupt controlled emotions
Calms my mind
Final is the calm spirit to settle the discussion

Inspiration On: Sunday, 15 November 2015

I thank the Lord to hear my prayers. After I reach home and take shower, I have the courage to tell my husband I need to dry my hair first. Then the child’s discussion begins in the playroom. The playroom turns into discussion room. He begins that he doesn’t want to disturb my life and his life. His facial expression shows he is planning something. He highlights that the helper wants to return to her hometown. Since I am the child’s mother, he needs to discuss it with me. It is unfair to him to continually trial and error to employ maids. Among the three maids, only the second maid can adjust to my mother’s cleaning standard. He feels that she needs to attend the maid course. However, I explain that mum had been handling the maid until my brother and I are coming to Singapore. Therefore, he suggests to put our son to a full day care and move school. He questions the reason I didn’t tell him about maid issue. I just tell him as it is. I didn’t want want to worry him so I do my best to solve the issue and even call the agency. Or else, he’ll feel frustrating to be disturbed all the time with such issues. He was frustrated when I called him about the toy purchase for our son before. He voiced out to me to make my own decision. The agency man tells me to let her stay for another month. His reply is that the agency man is sweeping the matter under the carpet to shirk responsibility. I’m surprised my brother is such a willing spy. I really appreciate his care and concern due to my lack of social cues.

Amazed courage to confront my mother to stop pushing me to get married and to say I’m not a puppet. Inside I feel so miserable for people often cross over my boundaries. It feels better to tell her. I still care about her.

Wish you all have good days and thank you.

Budding Idea

Budding idea sprouts
Growth disrupted
Greedy hearts and minds
Plucked out of its root
For their self-interests
For their own goals
Justifying their motives and actions with
Honey like words
Refusing to pay their dues

Inspiration On: Thursday, 20 March 2014 at 12:45pm
Inspiration Ends On: Monday, 21 April 2014 at 4:23am

The news of ideas being stolen is heartbreaking especially the artists’ life. Though the form of drawings can be protected by law, the idea can easily be stolen. Such respect for the idea generator is not given. Therefore, I likened it to a budding flower Wish you all have good days and thank you.

嘴巴不停 Racing Mouth




Moving lips
Where are actions?Unstoppable tongue
Any taken actions?

Noisy mouth
Is it put into actions?

Is love without loving actions?
Is care without caring actions?
Is life full of words?

Inspiration On: Sunday, 7 July 2013 at 11:36am
Inspiration Ends On: Monday, 8 July 2013 at 10:39pm

Some people talk too much, but not a doer. Recently, I met one. I do feel upset and keeps quiet. Commanding me to do instead of showing it to me by example. Afterward, she just lazed around. I bring this to my Lord and seek Him to enable me to forgive, be patient, and His wisdom to return the tasks to her gently. My family have the tendency to live by example rather than talking. So I dislike those who talk too much and do nothing. Such experience birthed out this poetry.

I Don’t Understand

I don’t understand
I don’t understand
Why people laugh at my actions?
I don’t understand
Why people laugh at my words?
I don’t understand
I really don’t understand

Do you understand me?
My readers, do you understand me?
Does my style of writing makes you laugh?

Inspiration On: Monday, 24 June 2013 at 7:28pm
Inspiration Ends On: Tuesday, 25 June 2013 at 12:21am

Darkness Disciplinary Action

Darkness cover the
Living room
Climb down the chair
For mercy
Light returns to the kitchen
Willingly to correct his attitude.

Darkness cover the
Living room
Climb down the chair
Walk and open
The door of my room
Calling his dad.
Then he runs back to
The kitchen
Drag! Drag! Drag!
Drag his white chair
Climb up to his chair
Light returns to the kitchen
Then he swiftly drinks his milk.

Inspiration On: Sunday, 21 April 2013 at 11:14pm

Yesterday was the first time I implemented such discipline to my toddler when he misbehaved. Unexpectedly, the same disciplinary actions don’t work today and produces the actions stated in the second paragraph.

Tidy Perfectionist

The more I observe myself
The more I can not understand myself
Why am I on fire?

Cluttering objects on the tables
Vexing my sight, my feeling of displeasure
Compelling my hands to action!

My mind keeps on whirling
Wondering, questioning, and mulling over my sleeplessness
Tidy perfectionist is the answer.

Inspiration On: Sunday, 14 October 2012 at 2am

Whenever I see the house is in the mess, I can not stand the mess. Though my toddler and other people who place the stuffs, it is an unbearable sight for me when it is not in proper order. So I often tidy the house in the middle of the night.

Can’t Take It Anymore

These past few days, the weather is very hot.
Bathing only helps temporarily. Why?
Because after the nice cooling shower,
My whole body perspires again.
And sticky some more.

I really …
Can’t take it anymore.
Really, really
Can’t take it anymore.

I’m going to hide in the library.
It is the only shelter from the hot sun.

But … but…
Walking towards the library
Let the sun to scorch me again.
I feel like a worm running towards a shelter.

Reaching the library is the most comfortable place.
Forget the scorching sun.
The cooling atmosphere makes me feel comfortable.
I can concentrate and get inspiration.
Can’t take it anymore!
I’m fired up to put my inspiration into actions.

Inspiration On: Monday, 09 May 2011 at 10:30pm