I rush to SS’s hair salon to meet my business mentor. My business mentor packs food and brings banana for everyone. After I observe her looks, she doesn’t look that fierce. Finally, I have the courage to give her my sketch for her as the token of appreciation. However, I don’t dare to give her the bookmark for her name written in Hebrew. When she goes somewhere, I thank God for the opportunity to slip it into her book. Glad to listen to the post encounter online class. I’m surprised for her to ask me questions on the lesson I learned. It is about three praise and worship style according to God. Hands reaching out to God, kneeling down and prostrating.

She blesses everybody with Christmas presents. She blesses my son and I with Christmas gift – a pencil box and a praying hand 3D puzzle. I give the 3D puzzle for Huey to bring for the Christmas party gift exchange. Joy receives it. I can only treat it as a loss. Unexpectedly, my business mentor gives 3D puzzle Christmas gift to Huey. Before I am leaving, she reminds me to do acupressure onto my neck. She does acupressure until I struggle in much pain. She can sense it is worse. I realize yesterday meeting mentor, a friend to mentor, career coach, and MK causes the fatigue. I remember mum’s words that I shouldn’t tire myself too much.


Thank God to just realize my business mentor also does natural therapy business. She does it for me for free out of kindness and strong belief in Christ.

Sensing God’s presence slightly and the words spoken by Cory Tynan that I know all the answer. The career consultant mentioned that all are at my disadvantage so doing projects is the way to earn income. And I need to calm down.

During the conversation with my business, I share that some men don’t have enough strength to press the acupressure points. She has a great strength. I am surprised she mentions to me,

“Thought you have pretty good strength? It does not mean that men naturally have good strength. My son also does not have.”

However, I feel so small and reply her, “My strength is considered the weakest among my siblings. My dad is the strongest. Too bad he has hurt his palms and fingers when moving house. So he had two operations for his palms and fingers.”

What does she sees in me?