Unawareness into Trouble

A friendly Long haired lady
We are paired into a team group
Team B
For the company team building event
Having fun together
Treat everyone a drink according to own taste
Share her goal in finance industry
Now she is able to reach
An extremely capable lady in counting

Confess everything to close friend
She laughingly respond
Not to get her into trouble
That lady’s photo is inside the website
Yet I don’t know
Inside I feel awful
Intending to get another job
Preparing to open my mouth and ask for jobs
Ready to jump onto another job

Inspiration On: Friday, 20 May 2016

A colleague LK suddenly asks for my resume. That alarms me! Because I decide to leave the company. “I don’t want you to suddenly leave the company,” is his response. Inside I feel so condemned. Because in the company I feel that I am living in the prison. Everyday customers complain. However, I thank God for the calmness to reply to my colleague that I need to print it at home.

The company’s team building time. I feel happy for my friend receives an envelope. The two speakers passes the envelope to our supervisor. He passes it to me to give it to my friend. We are separated into four teams. I am assigned to team B. A friendly long haired lady is my team leader. LK is one of my team mates. I enjoy the play time together – draw from given words together and guessing words.

The 15 minutes break. So the friendly long haired lady with oval shaped face suggests to have a drink. I wish to quickly go up into the room. However, I feel restrained to comply to her welcoming gesture. She lets me choose on the drink I want. No tea at the menu! I see cans of A&W root beer inside a chilled glass drawer. So I speak out to have A&W root beer. I draw out $2 note from my purse. Reluctantly part with it due to attending company’s event. Unexpectedly, she treats every team member and me. We find a table and have conversation with two of my team mates. She asks where both of them work. They work at big companies. I feel so small. Last is my turn. I share about my freelance experiences in IT and arts. So I sum it into ARTIST. Since I don’t have accounting background, I contribute by coding to automate the same letter. As we walk towards the lift, she says there is no black and white way. I respond there is black and white. Earning income through work is right. Stealing and robbing is wrong way to earn money. That’s what I mean. The lift elevates us into fifth floor. So we enter into possibility room. Another game begins. I am so happy to see my friend. A folded blue green craft paper is given to me. Every team members are given the opportunity to represent their own team to push the folded paper onto the table. It is to hit other folded papers away. Every team has different colours. It is my turn. The lady explains to me that the game concept is like billiard. I need to hit other folded paper. Excitedly I use my left hand to push it. It zooms out of the table. “Out of bound!” Oh no! Suicidal folded paper. So embarrassing.

The last game is to arrange numbers and multipliers sign to produce largest result. I observe the lady is good in her arrangement. Division signs are applied to middle values. Minus signs are applied to smallest value. Multiply signs are applied to large numbers. Thus 389 is the final result. It’s food time. That 389 ends us in second prize. The lady goes in front to pass winning prize. Such a strange lady. It is our team’s turn to receive an envelope of winning prize. LK passes it to me. I open it. It is a capital mall vouchers. He let me decide on what to do with the voucher. My idea is to distribute it evenly. So that we can buy what we want. However, LK emphasizes to use it to eat good food together. Fed up! Calmly I ask everyone’s name and write it onto the envelope. He assigns me to be the organiser. He suggests Swensen. The lady comes smiling. She agrees to LK’s suggestion to eat together. She walks towards the front again. I ask him her name repeatedly. He keeps on repeating, “Alice in wonderland.” In the end, he says her full name. She returns to our seat row. I ask her whether I can bring my friend. Sure is her answer. Next I enquires her availability. Her response is call her secretary about her schedule. Then she returns to the front. Strange lady. At my left, LK explains she is CFO. Wan Xun also confirms it. Hmm . . .

My friend encourages me to take the left over. She knows I love beef satay so she reserves the last three sticks for me. Plus reserve the paper box dish that I like. Since my son loves fish ball, she pours all of it into the paper box. That’s more than enough. Everything has ended. However, LK adds more food box, satay chilli and many other until he inserts ice lemon tea pack drink. I have enough. Grateful for her to speak on my behalf. Then she walks with me and carry the plastic bag for me to the bus stop to find bus. On the way, I share to her about all the things I speak to the lady. She replies not to get her into trouble. I don’t know what is happening. She replies that our supervisor and every managers answer to her. “Don’t you understand her position from the way she talks?” That question baffles me. I answer based from my feelings, “she sounds friendly.” “Don’t you check the company’s website? In the website, her photo is introduced as the company’s website,” she probes. I answer as it is, “I check the website only on the job I am supposed to do.” Do I frustrate her? Oh no! Maybe I should quickly grab a job and submit resignation letter. Or else, I’ll get CMF into trouble. Then I board bus 65 and reach the animation school.

The peace at animation class enable me to do my homework reaching more than 30 panels. My teacher wants to see my homework but I’m not ready. I feel so much in tune with my imagination and draw it out. It feels so exhilarating and satisfied.

Wish you all have good days and thank you.