Many Perspectives In An Issue

Two company customers
Without me knowing head and tail of the issue

Choose to keep silent and apologise
Strength through the Holy Spirit
See the situation through many different perspectives

Endless cycle of perspectives from
Different lenses with
Diverse feelings and mindsets

Broken communications amongst different departments
Hurting employee’s feelings and self-esteem
Customers’ needs are not met

A customer harshly scold foul languages
Only to realize he chose to engage the company’s service
Blames the company instead of his own choice

Another customer scolds due to nobody returns her call
Close friend and I react thus she guides me to check the matter and write email
A colleague proves a point for a customer to scold empty words

Second investigation causes my friend and I
Stick to our supervisor’s email
Apologise to the lady of the correct amount to pay

Inspiration On: Friday, 8 April 2016

I am working in a company. I am scolded by two customers. The Holy Spirit enables me to calm down and to see from many different perspectives. Yesterday is a man who scold with foul languages and even calling the company blood suckers. When I analyze his thoughts, he is the one who chooses to sign up for the company’s service. Since he wants to use the company’s device and service, he needs to pay them. A lady speaks angrily that she is going to return payment terminal and prepare the cheque payment tomorrow. A colleague has a point too. Some customers say they will return the machine. However, they don’t return it. It is better for her to return by tomorrow in order to prevent this month’s charges. She says she doesn’t use the machine. Should I believe her, Lord? Other customers are very understanding. He and she explains gently that their company wants to terminate our company’s payment service and even care whether they owe the company money on the made transaction. Other customers pay punctually and continually uses the service.

Current company come out with a lot of time, money and resources to build the device and pay their employees. The small businesses just need to pay $30 to $40 per month or even a few hundred dollars of annual fee to use the machines and services. It is likened to buy movie tickets to watch movies and/or animation. Nowadays, the people’s mindsets tend towards free instead of considering many people’s sacrifices on their time, money and mental energy being spent to produce the best product. Wish you all have good days and thank you.

Calm in Bad Report

Being joyful in my birthday
Small celebration with my mum
Gratitudely share redeemed voucher
Hoping to relieve $5 for her

Returning home joyfully
Own son reports of being pushed by new maid
Younger brother complains his mouse scroll
Clearly shown it is scraped off

There are signs of slight violences
Own husband acts noble to give chances
Uneasy feeling nudges
Inform a brother in Christ

True colours may appear soon
Sudden reminder of his mother dealings
Maid in the wrong but scold her eldest son
This I disagree

Right is right
Wrong is wrong
Let it end soon
Seeking help from the Holy One of Israel

Inspiration On: Friday, 11 March 2016

I overhear my dad informs my mum on my son. My son shares his question to my mother in law where is my father in law. She answers my son that his grandfather lost his way. She always changes her words. Before she said he is dead. Now, a different thing. Inside I feel something isn’t right.

Oh no, my son says that the new maid pushes him a bit.

When I’m trying to concentrate in editing on the video, my brother interrupts. He reports that the new maid spoils his mouse. It is clearly seen that the mouse scroll button is scraped! Then he complains about mum being helpful. So he is acting being righteous again. Immediately, I tell him off to stop disturbing. Thank God for the calmness and concentration. The editing time is less than 1 hour.

Then I attend to the matter on discussing about the maid. It is the issue on her attitude. It is clearly seen she has mindset issue. Why does she reminds of my mother in law who leaves a slice-cut at my parents’ clothes?!

Wish you all have good days and thank you.

Bad Fruits & MRT

Bad Fruits

A devout God fearing Christian man had been visiting various churches. Then he entered into a church. There are many plantations in that church. Suddenly, a pastor with grey moustache reaches the gate of the church building. He enters into it to search the man. He explains to him the three different kinds of fruits at the sides of the building are good fruits. However, the dark purple grapes that grew at the wall of the pulpit is bad fruit that did not come from God. The church service commenced with celebrating breaking bread and drinking red wine to remember Jesus. Three church workers drank it and fell down. The pastor warned the man to quickly leave the church building before evening and fell down. The man immediately rushed out and leaves home.

Evening cloud shadow covered the church building. The three church workers were transformed into a monster and running amok around the churches. The pastor struggled to refuse his transformation. His nostril was enlarge and his whole body was transformed into a wolf. His consciousness of Jesus Christ as His Lord and Saviour kept him from running wild. All he could think of his own family members. When it was midnight, his body transformed back to its original form and he returned home to meet his wife. His understanding wife continually support him and have faith in their Lord Jesus Christ and the God-fearing man.

At the appointed time, the man came to the pastor’s house. His presence was enough to enliven the pastor and his wife’s house atmosphere. He explained to him and protected him and own wife to stay in a room from the coming troops that came from the evil one. The pastor chose to stay on the table for losing his strength and covered himself with a red cloth. He felt ashamed of hid bodily transformation to be seen. The troops came to search for the man, but to no avail. The man came out of the room to find the pastor. He chanced upon the table where the pastor laid on. One of the troop held the pastor tightly to let his transformation be seen by the man. “Nooo!” was the pastor’s cry in embarrassment as his nostril enlarges and transformed into wolf. The man compassionately held him looking with gentle eyes. That gave the pastor the courage to attack the black soldier. That cause the other troops to vanish. The pastor was immediately transformed into human again. His wife helped to peel the scales of his whole body. His wife and the man welcomed him back delightedly. The pastor and wife were grateful to God and appreciate the man.

Entering the MRT

A middle aged auntie was talking to me on the train platform. The MRT had arrived. We entered it. There were many people sitting on the two opposite benches. There were two empty seats in-between the bench. So I let her sit on it and waved goodbye without realising  my business mentor entered to sit besides the auntie. Then I alighted at the next stop.


  1. The devil is planting a bad seed into my son.
  2. To recognise those who still fear God whose body are smeared by the world.
  3. What is being done in secret is exposed to God and one day is going to be exposed by mankind.  

Worse Than Salted Fish

Washer >
Such an awful puke smell
Worse than salted fish
That pair of black socks
Ended in net box socks
For a week
Sometimes more than a week
Oh no!
Its puke smell is
Worse than salted fish
My poor nose
But I have to endure
I should endure
To fulfill my responsibility
Months pass
A year pass

Me >
One day
Sniff! Sniff!
Salted fish?
Worse than salted fish
Searching its source
Following the puke smell
Leading me into the kitchen
In between kitchen and bathroom
Such an awful smell
Flying from the net box
For putting socks
A pair of black socks
Oh! It’s my husband’s socks

Washer >
Confess the low frequency to wash
A pair of my husband’s socks
Worse than salted fish

Me >
Should have told me earlier
Immediately tell my hubby to daily wash his
Pair of socks by putting into
That net box socks
But it fall into deaf ears
Conclude to helper to daily collect his socks
Two days pass by
One night explain the killing puke smell
Days pass by with daily socks collection
One day
He drops his own socks

Inspiration On: Friday, 23 August 2013 at 11:12pm
Inspiration On: Saturday, 24 August 2013 at 9:11am

Finally, today is the first day my husband takes out his socks and drops it into its washing box. But my happiness was only last for one day.

Weak or Dislike Fight

Is quiet being considered as weak?
Does refusing to fight back is considered weak?
We, the introverts, prefer to avoid quarrel
We dislike fight
We dislike quarrel
We hope the bully starters to stop barking

Why should you (bully starters) find fault with us?
What do you (bully starters) dislike in us?
We, the introverts, love peace
We love quietness
We love amicable resolution
We wish the bully starters to respect our boundaries

Bully starters, please stop bullying the weak
Before the situation switch over
And you regret your attitudes and doings
Be more understanding
Be more respectful
Please stop your bullying upon the quiet

Inspiration On: Saturday, 22 June 2013 at 1:35am to 2:16am

Recently, my niece and nephew came from abroad with their mother for a few days. They are my cousin’s wife and children. So they lodge at my house. My son was very happy to have a friend to play. My niece chose to stay home than going out with her mother and my mother. At first, he allowed her to play his tricycle then I snatched back. Sometimes he resort to hitting. He hit my niece who is older than him by one year. But she reminds me of myself. Though she was hit a few times, she didn’t fight back. She chooses to avoid fight hoping the relationship will be well again. Though they are well again, the disagreement happened again. Of course, this raged me and told my son to stop hitting. I can resonate with my niece’s feeling. She is quiet who colours well and mind her own things. I enjoy looking at her colouring.

Recalling of my bad memories to be bullied at school and at home, my mindset resurfaced much clearer now.

Beat Bad Weather

Sharp scolding
Loud howling
Scolding the rain
Howling the rain
To halt
Because they
Postpone his outing
Disrupt his outing

Kick towards the thunder
Kick towards the lightning
Kick towards the rain
Punch! Punch!
Kick! Kick!
Punch! Punch!
Kick! Kick!
The bad weather.

Inspiration On: Thursday, 25 April 2013 from 3:33pm
Inspiration Ends On: Thursday, 25 April 2013 at 9:18pm

My son was unhappy because thunder and rain postponed his outing. Though he was impatient, this may teach him about patience. Unexpectedly, his reactions became the source of my inspiration. First paragraph is told from my perspective, but second paragraph is told from his perspective when he commented he kick against the thunder. Definitely, he was unhappy and vented his anger towards the bad weather. All I told him was to wait.

In A Day

In a day
I hear a good news
I hear a bad news.

In a day
A new life is born
A new life is gone.

In a day
There is a rejoice
There is a mourning.

Inspiration On: Sunday, 25 November 2012 at 1:52am

In mourning for my dearest friend who lost her 2 months old foetus. On Friday morning, I was rejoiced with my ex-colleague’s newborn baby, but at night, I was saddened with my dearest friend’s foetus’ death. I was paralysed psychologically. I feel dejected for a lost life and my close friend who disclosed to me her process upon realising she was pregnant for two months old but there is no growth in her foetus. Furthermore, the gynaecologist found no pulse from the foetus during scanning and her pregnancy hormone level decreased exceedingly.

Somehow, I am supposed to congratulate my ex-colleague for her giving birth, but my heart was affected badly with my friend’s news. Unexpectedly, the above poetry came upon me. All I wish is for my friend to take care of herself during her depressing moments. All I can do is to comfort her by lending a listening ear to her.