Blessing in Birthday Month

Deep hurt from within
Nothing else comfort
Only holding tightly to
My Lord Jesus Christ
Seeking His hands
Being grateful in every little things
Being hurt in certain things

Arising self-awareness
Comes from inner strength
Inner strength in the Jesus
Self-acceptance sips in
Acceptance from Abba Father
Situations are either storm or blessing
Part of life

We are not alone
Because . . .
We have Jesus in our hearts
Who is the anchor of our faith
Lord, have mercy in our weaknesses
Restore the first joy and love
Receiving Your Son as our Lord and Saviour

Inspiration On: Sunday, 20 March 2016

Thank God and thankful for the people He brings in contact to my life.

Mum, dad, sister, her husband and Daughter, Brother and his girlfriend celebrate my birthday with my son. I feel so comforted and grateful.

My brother’s blesses me with body shop as birthday gift.

Clarifying with WC the reason he gives the Thomas and friends toy. He doesn’t need it because it comes together with train toy he wants.

Dad and mum to guide me how to break the good news of the temporary job and the animation class every Tuesday and Friday.

Clarifying with JL the reason she says she is the fish. She says that the fish represents her since she isn’t in the photo. It is just a joke. She asks whether I’m happy. I can only be honest that I can be half happy and half blue. She is more blue. Now, I begin to see the real her.

My husband to buy Siew Mai for me because my son instigates him to do so.

Asking my son to pray and ask Jesus to stop the new maid from lying. Because he speaks up that she doesn’t tell him to brush his teeth first.

Wish you all have good days and thank you.

Favour in Unfavourable Situations

Guidance in
Caring my son
Cooking food
Resume writing

Through my parents and the people
The Lord has put in my lives
My heart is filled with gratitude
Towards my Lord Jesus and the people

Courage enters into my heart
Humble myself
Willingly admit my son’s condition
Seeking help on his behalf

Inspiration On: Thursday, 18 February 2016

Thank God and appreciate my mum to wake my son up with me and send him for school bus. She guides me in cooking methods and instructs me to buy collimix for my son to have better appetite. I listen and buy it for my son’s sake. Indeed, he feels better and has the appetite to eat his food after he wakes up. She explains the need of antibiotics to heal my son’s fever.

Amazing courage from the Lord to admit and confess to my cell group that my son has dyslexia. Oh no! I need to bring him to psychologist for assessment. It hurts me whenever I think of answering the dyslexia app questions. Lord, please give me confirmation from his school teacher.

FX (career coach) has edited the soft copy of my resume in a better layout. However, the downloaded edited resume (with the layout she does) words space disappear. Then the idea comes to open the resume I sent her and edit according to the part she edits. Thank God for her to have such ideas.

Thank God to answer my prayer and my cell members pray for His favour for a good general practitioner doctor. He explains the importance and good points of antibiotics to my husband. It is just to be taken for five days. Virus is likened to a lion whereas bacteria is like the running dog. Many doctors forget its benefits. That’s enough to shut his one-sided biases.

The “draw it out” words on the recent dragon dream keep echoing. Lord, should I draw it out? I take a heavy illustrated poems to read to my son. He answers that it is meant for him when he is bigger. So I ask which character he likes most. He points to an awful dragon illustration. I am shocked. How can there be a coincidence? Strangely, I am reminded of the article that autistic and dyslexia prove to be good combination. Oh no! Oh no! What should I do, Lord?

The resume that I need to send to education ministry has been completed and the time is up for me to send to education ministry. So I have to shower, take dinner and bring my son to see the doctor for complete healing. Why is this always happening, Lord? Why is sending resume for jobs are always being disturbed?

Wish you all have good days and thank you.

Thankful in Problems

In the midst of health problems
My son and I have similar issues yet different
Stiff legs due to washing too late

Diarrhea in the mall
Bring out phone
Going to call mum

A missed call from cell leader
Return her call
I thought God prompts her

Unexpectedly she apologizes
Apologize for what
She misunderstands my message in the group

Showing her concern
I confess I have diarrhea
Advise to drink ginger tea

Surprised for her message in the group
Seeking prayer for me
Then I begin to answer my well being

Still thanking God
Never forget to count God’s blessing
During my diarrhea

School grant application
Cell leader’s concern
My younger brother’s open heart to salvation

Inspiration On: Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Cell leader to suddenly call me to apologize about yesterday when I am having Diarrhoea. I’m talking about my house environment. Then she asks my well-being. Then she informs the cell group for prayer. Suddenly, I receive an email that my grant application is approved. FX my career coach asks the soft copy of my resume to edit. So I immediately send it to her. Thank God to point to me a book on my brother’s bookshelf last night. I’m surprised that my brother is reading a book about money written by Ravi Zacharias. His heart is open to salvation.

Left knee stiff. Could it be due to take shower. Diarrhea happens until I say I want to go to see doctor. My parents assure me no need. Dad advises me to take 20 pills. And so I do it. Suddenly, my headache makes me sleepy until I nap for two hours on the sofa. Then my stomach seems stop churning. Why so many drama? What is God doing?

Wish you all have good days and thank you.

Blessing in Accident

Who knows?
Who knows?
Your migraine can be healed
Through your fall
That strong fall to your cheekbone
Causing whole brain in great pain
Can be a blessing in disguise

Inspiration On: Saturday, 7 November 2015

Dad says that the fall can be a good thing too. My perpetual migraine might gets well. That is my question too. I have been wondering. Is there something good comes out of my fall accident?

Wish you all have good days and thank you.

Cycle of Blessings

Earn money honestly
Is to
Sell hard work
Sell perspiration
Sell skills
Sell time
A problem solver attitude
Motivated to solve problem
Learn life skills
Bless fishing rod to younger generations

Adding legacy to society
Leaving good legacy to future generations
Helps the society
Strengthen the poor and weak
Bless fishing rod to them
They bless others
Glorifying the Creator

Blessings overflow the society
As governments and people bless one another
The cycle of blessings
Blessed societies
Blessed cities
Blessed provinces
Blessed countries
Creator’s hands of blessings

Inspiration On: Wednesday, 13 November 3013 at 6:30pm
Inspiration Ends On: Saturday, 16 November 2013 at 2pm

Since young, I have been hearing about my grandparents’ hard works. How they earn income as restaurant dish cleaner. Gradually, they turn into entrepreneurs and bless their villagers. My parents also work hard and I have seen it since young. This really shaped my thinking and actions though I still gullible and taken advantage. Thank God this poetry overflows now.