Force Self-Exercise

Encouraged by God’s love
Through the family of Christ
With just a phone call to help my recovery
Praying for the healing of my chronic pain
Intend to get well from my chronic migraine
Breaking daily routine
Force myself to
Do self-exercise
Reminded to breathe in deeply
Leave the rest to God

Inspiration On: Wednesday, 20 January 2016

A sister in Christ from the cell group gives me a call but I don’t hear. Thus I return her call. She hears from LT that I need help. She wants to see the assessment and referral letter from polyclinic. So I send it to her.

I thank the Lord on the realization of the patterns to break. When my husband tells me to tell our helper to postpone her return to her hometown. I’m surprised with my response to return the responsibility to him and the way I tell him to say to her. If she is him, will she likes to be treated that way?

A sister in Christ sends me about Who is my master? Circumstances?

Out of envy and jealousy, Joseph’s brothers sold him as a slave in Egypt. Then, he was unjustly accused of seducing his master’s wife & put in prison.

How would you feel if you are Joseph?

Gen 50:20 Joseph said to his brothers: you intended to harm me, but God intended it for good…. the saving of many lives. So, don’t be afraid. I will provide for you and your children.

Joseph did not let adversity to make him bitter, but better.

Uncle WY gives me a call to clarify on my words then pray for my well being.

Wish you all have good days and thank you.

Cause of Migraine

A sudden surprise
A sister in Christ blesses me with
Haircut and hair wash

Another sister in Christ and her
Sense and point out
My body tightness means tense

Another perspective answers
Cause of my migraine
Anxiety disorder

A new discovery about myself
Sensitive nervous system
Towards new surroundings

Inspiration On: Friday, 11 December 2015

I almost want to make my way to SS’s hair salon. Suddenly, I am reminded to inform her before I go. Thank God she is going to her shop. Then I make my way there. It feels good to do my work at a different environment though there is a hairdryer sound. Inside I need help to get my structure back. Suddenly, SS gives me a new haircut and wash my hair. Msa is washing her a customer’s hair. It is my second time to go for hair wash. My whole body feel so tight. Msa and SS sense and point out I look tense. Am I so tense? Is that the cause of my chronic perpetual migraine? I wonder. Before I am married, I am not so tensed.

Upon returning home, my parents and brother like my new hairstyle. It suits me more. However, I feel that my face looks more roundish.

Wish you all have good days and thank you.

Job Workshop

Today’s workshop for employment at Calibrelink. In the business etiquette and presentation, I begin to understand the different images of my business mentor. Every dressing counts to make oneself look presentable, welcoming, professional and different feelings. No wonder I get confused with her different dressings.
Meeting VW at the employment talk and workshop and she invites me to attend skin care products. Physically I feel so tired. So I have to say some other day and to return home to rest.

What is happening to my head? On my way home, my chronic migraine worsens again. Most likely, yesterday go out and today too. What’s gotten into my communication with Perine? She just can’t understand me. I have been trying to articulate myself. Is there any spiritual warfare?

I feel so vexed. All IC wants is cheap and free drawings and check other softwares. Every time I do it for free. This is so frustrating. Most probably, my business mentor feels this way. Ever since I get married, my psychological and spiritual life diminishing. Oh Lord, please deliver me.

Muster Courage to ask for help

Today, I meet my scriptwriter group and go for lunch at Old Town White Coffee. I appreciate their kind understanding for me to bring my own lunch. The reason is to save money for the animation production costs.

Thankful for the Old Town White waiter to give me disposable spoon and chopsticks when he observes I bring my own lunch. Actually, I bring vegetables. Then I intend to have noodle at nearby cafe. So that it will not cost me a lot for lunch. After we have lunch, I go to the cafe for the noodle and the staff gives me a discount.

Even I would like thank my business mentor to welcome me to her house. It takes me a great deal to muster courage to ask for her help to relieve my perpetual chronic migraine. I also remember her words to invite me to her house for haircut.

Really thank God for such good people and I appreciate their kindness. Thank You, Jesus. This is a great testimony to share.

Migraine Relapse

Muscle tightness
Tied to the max
Needles poking inside
My skull
Electric Shock inside
My skull

Pain runs through my body
Pain begins from shoulder-ache
Runs through my neck
Into the neurons of my brain
Pain in between my pelvic and thigh
Paralyze my whole body system
Onto my bed
Prevent me from work

Prevent me
From awake
Drowsiness sets in
Doze to dreamland

Inspiration On: Saturday, 14 September 2013 from 8am to 10:29pm

Upon waking up in the morning, my neck and shoulder pain led my migraine to paralyze my whole being. Thankfully my helper massaged my shoulder and I returned to sleep.

At night, I have been scratching my head to remember what I had done yesterday. Buying forty pieces of 250gsm papers and other drawing tools. Then I met my friend whose age is close to my mother’s age. Dragging myself to accompany her to Chinatown who asked me to do so. She wanted to go to Canada and was afraid of money changer people bully her. First, we scanned through buildings for cheap luggage locks. Next, we went to money changer. Finally, she decided to eat at the hawker centre. Glad to send her to the MRT station.

Carrying backpack with the drawing tools inside my bag. Left hand hold the papers. Passing by Blue Max video shop, I was attracted to buy four Veggie Tales DVDs and other anime DVDs and VCDs. My journey ended as I boarded bus home. Realizing my own fault for forcing myself to do more than I can do.