Sensing the presence of God
In my heart
Ease my heart and mind

His strength is upon me
Learning to find a matter out
Clear my assumptions

Inspiration On: Thursday, 14 January 2016

Today is the service module on the topic ‘Work in a Diverse Service Environment’ last session. I see God’s favour upon me through the trainer named LM who always remembers my small gesture to fix the sound problem. I approach the man about the graphic design job. I self-learn it myself. He highlighted I need to go for the course skill. Just now in the class, he revealed he is 65 years old, an Anglican Christian from certain part of India. He said that he didn’t go to church because he is always giving help to everyone. He does it for free solely to help. He can’t accept money to return his help. Or else it is likened to business transactions. In the class, he just teaches how to breathe appropriately with nose to relieve stress. I thank the Lord to find favour through LM and he shares my self-assessment publicly in my expectation from him. I feel embarrassed. JG my classmate to explain the partnership with LM to use my animation in his slides. Good idea. I clarify with IM. He has another company to earn income. However, he just opens this nonprofit solely to offer help. He uses the money from his money making company to inject money into this nonprofit company. This nonprofit company is solely for helping those who wants to hone their skills. He works closely with the government and the school. And he needs to reach minimally 500 people. He pays more than $40 per person to attend this expensive and valuable course.

Wish you all have good days and thank you.