Appreciation and Collaboration

Zealous to contribute to God’s kingdom
In the body of Christ
Cell leader’s daily verse proclamation
I put it into graphic
She misunderstands my good intention
Feel pressurized to learn
Twice I need to explain my contribution
Speechless of her misunderstanding
And realizing my slowness too
Attune to realize my closer
Connection towards
Older generation
Rather than
Younger generations

Meeting a senior citizen business owner
Settling her book cover design
Appreciate her gratitude to
Treat lunch and dessert
For my help
Throughout the collaboration
I enjoy our
Personal interaction
Clearing misunderstanding
Finalize the design according to her vision
Improve it to make it more astounding

Inspiration On: Friday, 29 January 2016

Out of enthusiasm, I continue to put SS’s scripture proclamation into picture. She seems pressurized, “Thanks, butI have not time to do this at the moment.”

“You are welcome. All those are for us to keep and proclaim besides of writing it down. That’s the best reminder. That’s why I put it into graphic. Please don’t misunderstand me.” I answer abruptly.

She replies, “Will learn from you after new year.”

“No worries. Because I have been doing this for my ministry work and for others as well to edify one another.” I attempt to explain my contribution.

Unexpectedly, she compliments me, “No worries , it is very useful and helpful and very thoughtful of you. I would like to learn from you. Thank you very much.”

“You are most welcome. Just a small gesture. We have different giftings to complement each other. So I want to do my part.” I explain my part.

Again she thanks me, “You are most welcome.”

“You are most welcome.” I answer appreciatively.

Then I go and meet BL to work on her book cover. In the end, I design the article and appreciate her honesty to say to ask other people to contribute in her book cover design too. I don’t mind to be shared from equity based. She willingly renders her help to do editing. I enjoy our collaboration in the designing part.

Wish you all have good days and thank you.