Trusting Toddler Completely

Complaining the burning paper smell
Trusting him completely to heed my instructions
Giving him instruction to stay
On my bed with his beloved toy
When I close the window.

A yes answer from him
While shutting the window and lock it
He bounces on my bed
Treating it like a thin bouncing carpet
Losing balance and rolls downward
Lands his right ear onto the floor
The loud thud shocks me!

Abruptly, dashed to my bed
Blankness and confusion set into my mind
At the sight of fall
Only the intuition to cuddle him comes
Swiftly cuddle him affectionately as
His painful cries are ascending and escalating
At the top of his
Vibrating lungs through his throat and mouth
Filling the whole quiet house.

As he slowly calms down
And his cries reaching to a halt
He confesses his curious attempt
While applying ointment and massaging his ear
Right ear with red marks
Informing the mild knocks at his head
Feeling remorseful to leave him.

I trust him too much
Based on his previous acts of obedience
In listening to my instructions.

Inspiration On: Sunday, 19 August 2012 after 5:10am

As I kept on replaying the scene of bringing my 25 months toddler to my room and pondering the solution to prevent such a fall, the above haiku was birthed to warn others not to repeat my mistake.