Leadership Role

Leadership role is to learn to
My energy

Leadership calling into
Business owner?

What should I do?
Where are you leading me to?
Be my guide through others

Inspiration On: Tuesday, 15 March 2016

I meet MLST to pray for him because he is down with fourth stage cancer. I never expect he shares about the diploma in leadership and people management. He wants me to find three more people so that he can teach others too. Since I have maxed out my government credit for the leadership course, he encourages me to check it online because government can top it up. I wonder where God is leading me to. I think of asking CMF and JH to join me.

In the cell group at my cell leader’s house, I enjoy the repeat bible study on spirit, soul and body. Then I begin to confess in my today’s meeting about the spirit working in my house. The small knocks on Sunday afternoon that almost lead to accuse my innocent son. And also my husband who refuses to change the maid and refuses to check on the matter. They pray against the spirit of disunity. Then I share my dad’s testimony. He sees a higher power and the one who tries to harm others get trapped by their own harm.

Then I share about meeting a trainer. Out of concern, they say that it is common sense not to go to an old man’s house to be introduced to his family members. People can misunderstand me whether he wants me to be his mistress. I say no. I meet him is because someone says he is down with fourth stage of cancer. So I’m thinking to pray for him. I never expect him to talk about training. Their concern is suddenly cleared and negated with my experience with CW. DC (my sister’s friend) misunderstood me walk with a guy to an apartment. Actually he accompanied me to church. I clear the matter by showing my Bible Study certificate of attendance.

Finally, I confess that I’m doing writing ministry to reach out for God. It is the impression through reading the bible. I’m surprised someone seek for a prayer.

Wish you all have good days and thank you.

Thankful in Problems

In the midst of health problems
My son and I have similar issues yet different
Stiff legs due to washing too late

Diarrhea in the mall
Bring out phone
Going to call mum

A missed call from cell leader
Return her call
I thought God prompts her

Unexpectedly she apologizes
Apologize for what
She misunderstands my message in the group

Showing her concern
I confess I have diarrhea
Advise to drink ginger tea

Surprised for her message in the group
Seeking prayer for me
Then I begin to answer my well being

Still thanking God
Never forget to count God’s blessing
During my diarrhea

School grant application
Cell leader’s concern
My younger brother’s open heart to salvation

Inspiration On: Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Cell leader to suddenly call me to apologize about yesterday when I am having Diarrhoea. I’m talking about my house environment. Then she asks my well-being. Then she informs the cell group for prayer. Suddenly, I receive an email that my grant application is approved. FX my career coach asks the soft copy of my resume to edit. So I immediately send it to her. Thank God to point to me a book on my brother’s bookshelf last night. I’m surprised that my brother is reading a book about money written by Ravi Zacharias. His heart is open to salvation.

Left knee stiff. Could it be due to take shower. Diarrhea happens until I say I want to go to see doctor. My parents assure me no need. Dad advises me to take 20 pills. And so I do it. Suddenly, my headache makes me sleepy until I nap for two hours on the sofa. Then my stomach seems stop churning. Why so many drama? What is God doing?

Wish you all have good days and thank you.


Brushing own opinion aside
Casting own voice away
Dragged by others’ decision
Am I voiceless?

Too caring?
Too concern?
Living in accordance to others’ voice
Am I voiceless?

Unwilling to hurt others’ feelings
But I am hurting inside
Alive but voiceless
Losing myself
Loneliness rule

Voicing out
Only to be rejected
Only to be misunderstood
Loneliness rule

Taken for granted?
Taken advantaged?
Loneliness rule
Am I voiceless?

Am I voiceless . . . ?
Are my opinions worthless?
Does ………
……. anybody
……………….. care?

Inspiration On: Monday, 21 April 2014 from 12:45am to 4:38am

Current upheaval life from inside and outside rubbed salt into my past pain and worsened it deeply. Thus, such feelings evokes and birthing out this poetry. Wish you all have good days and thank you for reading my poetry.

Mother’s Extreme Cares

Lemon juice no sugar
She pour sugar into it
Worried of me having stomach gastric
But I have no such problem
Sour food doesn’t taste sour to me
But her taste bud taste sour sensitively

Baggy t-shirts is awful to her
Destroying her sight seeing
But it feels good to me
Especially windy days
Wind enters into the t-shirts
Cooling to the body
Might as well she hides in the room

Nags to dry my hair
After my shower
Nags to dry to my hair
Before I left home
Nags, nags, nags
Nags like a rewinding tape
Nags like a parrot

Oh, my ears are tired
But have to endure and learning to correct her gently
Her nagging concern

Inspiration On: Monday, 14 October 2013 at 1:17am
Inspiration Ends On: Wednesday, 15 October 2013 at 11:51pm

My mother is extremely caring. But she tends to do things her way of concern in her point of view. Going through this, I learnt something valuable. Rather than concern with own point of view, I need to understand the recipients’ needs. Everyone has own needs and perspective as long as it didn’t compromise God’s Words.

Broken but Regained Hope

Vast sparkly waves of ocean
As the sun shines onto the ocean
Vastness of ocean increases more

Final beautiful sight in mind
Gradually sink into the bottom ocean seabed
Eyelids close, sealing own fate

Blur sight of a swimmer
Before losing consciousness in the ocean depth
Everyone flashes back in memories

Awaking to the soothing music
Among two smiling patients on hospital beds
Hopes re-live in his heart

A man dressed in white
Listens to poured out woes and pats
When other patients go outdoor

Encourages her to be strong
Sowing a strength to own beloved friend
In times of tumultuous life

Seeds of love and care
Gradually buds forth in her broken heart
Living filled with hope again

Inspiration On: Tuesday, 23 July 2013 at 6pm
Inspiration Ends On: Tuesday, 30 July 2013 from 9:16am to 10:17am

This image had been appearing in my friend’s mind to part III so I expressed it in haiku and continues it.

Family Field

Is family a field of battlefield?
Is family a field of love?

Is family a field of battle?
A battle for power?
A battle for self-fulfilment?
A battle of separation?
A battle of increase burden?

Isn’t family a field of love?
A reason to care?
A reason to self-sacrifice?
A reason of union?
A reason to share burden?

Inspiration On: Tuesday, 30 July 2013 from 9:16am to 9:43am

Whenever I thought of my friend whom I wrote poetry on her behalf, my mind wonders of family values.