Sudden Confidence

Resolving to help
By guiding the helped
Learn to do himself

Eyes screen the failed assignment
Only to faint at its sight
Understand the teacher’s confusion

Ring the helped
Clarify the matter
Understand his app business Cashflow

Convince him with my apps portfolio
Assisting an app developer
Then he believes

No choice to guide the helped
Explain the mistakes to correct and tidy it
Let him understand the teacher’s perspectives

My mission is accomplished
Sense of fulfillment seeps in again
Realizing I am being . . . too soft again!

Marveled by the sudden
Confidence and communication skill
Due to having a hard time to assist in app development

Thanks be to my Lord and Saviour
Listening to my prayers
Enabling me to do so

Inspiration On: Thursday, 11 February 2016

I need to look at my classmate’s financial Cashflow assignment. The teacher tells him that he does it wrongly. I don’t understand why. I check my email and open his excel spreadsheet. I am immediately shocked of Zl’s financial Cashflow statement. I don’t understand what is he doing. Though he says he attends the first Cashflow statement class, he does the format wrongly. No wonder the teacher tells him to redo. I feel so speechless by his untidiness and lack of understanding. I call him to clarify and to understand his business idea. He thinks I don’t know about Apps business. Then I tell him that I ever assist an app developer to produce two game apps. I have passed and received my certificate. He sounds shocked. I explain that app programmer and app designer are under app developer. As I explain, I write the required edited part. Marketing can be included. Web developer is also necessary to develop the website. I’m eating my own words again! I say to myself to guide him and let him do the work. In the end, I clear his mess. •_• Hmm, I’m surprised I can speak so confidently and clearly. I thank my Lord and Saviour to enable me and strengthen this weak autistic to learn to communicate. May be I can assist IM? How is he doing now? Seems that I work better with senior citizens.

Wish you all have good days and thank you.


Swords kill
Drugs kill
Words kill
Secrets kill
Truths kill
Fear kills
Earthquake kills
Mountain blast kills
Flood kills
Earthquake kills
Mountain blast kills
Hurricane kills
Strong Wind kills
Lightning kills
Low temperature kills
Freeze kills
High temperature kills
Magma kills

Kill physical bodies
Kill hearts
Kill minds
Kill into the core of beings
Kill feelings
Kill self-image
Kill self-confidence
Kill determination
Kill purpose of living.

Why can’t we take care
Take care the words
The words coming out
Coming out of our
Tongue and mouth?

Inspiration On: Thursday, 4 April 2013 at 7:02pm
Inspiration On: Saturday, 6 April 2013 at 11:14pm