In the morning, I got a shock of my son’s high fever. I thank the Lord to keep me in peace through the power of the Holy Spirit while bringing my son to see doctor with my husband. Yes. He chose to give our son shower when my mum advised not to do so. That’s his mistake. I choose not to point. So in the morning, he looks concerned of our son’s well being by asking my opinion whether to see doctor or bring him to hospital. Instantly I ask his opinion. He chooses to go to the clinic. Then I let him decide. Does he realize the consequences of his actions towards our son? Once we have visited the doctor, my cell members introduce certain food to reduce our son’s fever through external use. I share this to my husband. He mocks such method due to scientists have not proven it. He laughs mockingly at my friends. Then he can even mentioned I don’t know about medical approach. That can show he only cares his own opinion. Not all written researches are correct. Nowadays, every medical content tend to disagree each other. I have been learning and applying about Google in content marketing in website development. I understand this issue better.

Artists in Zoo

Arts exhibition to spread message via form showcase
Content injected into artistic form
An array of visual media messages inhibited a spacious room
Display and speaks the
Past, present, and prophesied future
Own fantasy
Own imagination
Own needs
Own wish
Of tomorrow

All these put the artist in a spotlight
Beasts reluctantly lose their freedom
To spotlight in the cages of zoo
To spotlight in the circus performance
Stage and props are a cage of zoo
Artists willingly stand on the stage
To gain famous
To earn livelihood
Living another character in them

Arts gallery
Exhibition gallery
Is where the artists are
Artists in zoo
Exhibited zoo
To entertain spectators and audience

Inspiration On: Thursday, 21 November 2013 from 1:17am to 4:24pm

Pat’s poetry sparked the birth of this visual poetry existence in my mind. Her poetry can be found at http://patcegan.wordpress.com/2013/11/20/the-zoo/ . Hope you enjoy and get my message.