Sleep Walking

T-shirt pulls upwards with wrinkles
Scratching all over body without tuck in
Causing wind enters into stomach

Stomach pain due to wind
Dances all over the stomach wall happily
Unless fart to eliminate pain

Inspiration On: Tuesday, 22 April 2014 at 5:37am to 5:55am

My dear 45 months toddler was sleeping, but he still could feel itchy and scratch himself. It was a very surprising discovery. Unconsciously, we still feel itchy during sleep even hot and cold. I am still questioning why my toddler feels itchy at night? Wish you all have good days and thank you.

Translucent Shadow Dance

A translucent colourful shadows dancing in the dark television
Swaying palms
Moving legs
Moving pelvic
Rolling hands
Rolling wrists
Waving hands
Bending elbows
Pointing upwards
Pulling one hand upward.
Repeating the same actions

In accordance to
The rhythm of playing music.

Inspiration On: Monday, 14 January 2013 at 2:45pm
Inspiration Ends On: Thursday, 17 January 2013 at 3:51pm

My toddler was dancing according to the rhythm of the playing music from CD player. Then he was fascinated with his shadow at the black television.

蜘蛛 Spider

Spider crawls onto my head
Spider crawls onto my body
Spider crawls onto my hand
Spider crawls onto my palm
Spider grins to me
Spiders waves hi to me . . .On my palm,
Spider hops
Spider sways
Spider dances
Spider sings.
Later on,
Spider lays his body on my palm
Spider waves goodnight
Spider goes to sleep with blanket.

Inspiration On: Wednesday, 19 December 2012 at 7:15pm
Inspiration Ends On: Tuesday, 25 December 2012 at 3:04am

The two spiders with a long rounded body insect stuck outside my window. Yesterday and today, they still stopped on the same spot. At first, I thought they were inside my window and were alive. Upon touching it, it was confirmed my assumption was wrong. Then I abruptly closed my window to prevent them from entering my house and bite my toddler. Today, I thought those insects had died so I called my helper bringing my toddler to observe and learn new vocabulary. Afterward, she confirmed those insects were alive. They moved when they were caught with tissue.

My toddler spoke to his dad about his imagination, “蜘蛛走在我头上,蜘蛛走在我手上。” It sounded very poetic to me and my imaginations began to run wild.