Thankful in Problems

In the midst of health problems
My son and I have similar issues yet different
Stiff legs due to washing too late

Diarrhea in the mall
Bring out phone
Going to call mum

A missed call from cell leader
Return her call
I thought God prompts her

Unexpectedly she apologizes
Apologize for what
She misunderstands my message in the group

Showing her concern
I confess I have diarrhea
Advise to drink ginger tea

Surprised for her message in the group
Seeking prayer for me
Then I begin to answer my well being

Still thanking God
Never forget to count God’s blessing
During my diarrhea

School grant application
Cell leader’s concern
My younger brother’s open heart to salvation

Inspiration On: Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Cell leader to suddenly call me to apologize about yesterday when I am having Diarrhoea. I’m talking about my house environment. Then she asks my well-being. Then she informs the cell group for prayer. Suddenly, I receive an email that my grant application is approved. FX my career coach asks the soft copy of my resume to edit. So I immediately send it to her. Thank God to point to me a book on my brother’s bookshelf last night. I’m surprised that my brother is reading a book about money written by Ravi Zacharias. His heart is open to salvation.

Left knee stiff. Could it be due to take shower. Diarrhea happens until I say I want to go to see doctor. My parents assure me no need. Dad advises me to take 20 pills. And so I do it. Suddenly, my headache makes me sleepy until I nap for two hours on the sofa. Then my stomach seems stop churning. Why so many drama? What is God doing?

Wish you all have good days and thank you.