Pass Through The Storm

In the boat
Frightened by the storms
Lose focus in Jesus
Disciples woke Jesus up anxiously
Questioning Him whether He cared for them
The Lord assures His presence
Rebuke the storm

Which door
Among many doors
That lead to the one narrow door
You have prepared for me
Lord lead me
To that one door
Open wide that only door

Inspiration On: Saturday, 19 March 2016

Mum to care my son and even prepare avocado mixed with milo. She reminds me that tomorrow is to celebrate my birthday with my sister eating at nearby mall. She informs me that WC come to my house to give the toy to me. I feel so thankful. When I check his SMS, he mentions to give to her. I thought he just says to give me the toy. Never expect he shops at the mall nearby my house. There is inconsistency in his words. This is strange.

The workshop on helping dyslexia children in reading comprehension let me understand my son and even myself being an autistic. The trainer explains the differences among dyslexia symptoms. High functioning is labeled as hyperlexia. Any term starts with A means it is related to neurological disorder. The term that starts with D means there is a recovery method. Early prevention at a very young age can help the child. Adult is a bit hard. Autism is also the same case. Adulthood is difficult. If it is due to psychological issue, counselling and therapy can help the person. When all options can’t help, there is no help unless divine intervention. He mentions “divine intervention” a few times. That strengthens my faith in Jesus. The workshop to comprehend sentences for dyslexia and autism help me to understand sentences better. Hoping to understand and help my son. Without realising the materials also help myself and understand myself better.

Sense Jesus’ hands touching my hands then to my feet in the church service. Being reminded of the vision during the encounter. The deep water of well going up from feet to my head. The sermon speaks of going through the other side of the storm. I ask God, “What should I do, Lord? Where? Bring me to the shore.” That reminds me of the helicopter dream. A girl fell from her helicopter. Another helicopter picked her up towards another opened door. Three evil helicopters chased and shot at her but slightly hurt. A hand closed that door. Three evil helicopters exploded. That helicopter placed her onto the table. The soft tender hands apply ointment to the girl.
Learning to thank my business mentor instantly upon eating the avocado. It is good to respond faster. I begin by, “Thanks a lot for your avocado and nugget. Nice to eat it. My mum carves it out and mixed it with milo. How do you eat it?” She shares her own way, “I eat it as it is or with some honey and sprinkle with black sesame powder.” Then I learn to articulate myself, “This is something new to me it’s great to find out how you did it.”

WC to bless me with a box of Thomas and Friends toy. Mum tells me that he asked her to pass it to me. Strange that his SMS shows, “Are u on the 8th floor? I want to give your mom a toy. It is new but i opened it so the box is crush.” There is some discrepancy in his message. When I see the toy, mum tells me to keep it for my son’s birthday. I feel so speechless.

Wish you all have good days and thank you.


Given another choice
Offered counsel and help nearby house
Nothing else deter me
Yesterday’s church
According to the Lord’s leading and comfort
Through dreams

Inspiration On: Sunday, 15 November 2015

A prayerful pastor to listen to my woes and problems; pray for me for the Lord’s will be done through me. She comforts me that it is kept confidential. I choose another church through God’s leading though I prefer smaller churches. Finally, I have the courage to confess the false accusations onto my son from his own dad. His pet fish’s death accused to my son. Until my son shouted to be wrongfully accused.

Wish you all have good days and thank you.

In Between

Whole body loses strength
Brain dozes off
In Between
Dream and reality
Unable to rise my body
Locked in the dream state

A last message remained in the dream
Once the whole message is
Consciousness regains
Eyes open wide
No strength and energy to move body
Awaiting time to regain strength

Living in between dream and reality
Dream or spiritual realm?
Reality or physical realm?
Living in between spiritual and physical world

Inspiration On: Saturday, 1 November 2015 at 5:30pm

While I sit on the sofa awaiting for my son going to shower, my brain doze off. My heart pumps harder. Body loses strength and eyes can’t open. I hears voices from the reality. My son calls me to sleep on bed. A postman. At the same time, I am in the dream. The house is calmly dark. I go to the kitchen where my husband talks to me. He says that he is flying to his hometown in November. I keep quiet. Only to wake up with body and hands losing strength. Migraine relapse worsens. Heart pumps faster. I feel there is a discrepancy between the month my husband goes to Sabah. The air ticket he booked is in December. Is it a death message? Normally, I don’t take nap. Wish you all have good days and thank you.

Holy Angels Protects in the Dark Sky

Here I was in the vast dark sky. I couldn’t see myself. I was falling and falling. The feeling was so strong. Many times I pray to the Lord for the blood of Jesus Christ to cover me. The inexpressible feeling of dropping escalated. I pray for the Lord to send His holy angels. Within seconds, many shiny holy angels circle around me. Then I begin to see my whole self.

Then I was staying in a tattered cement house. An old lady with a tied hair bun entered a dark room with a white polished coffin. She took a box from the coffin and drank from it. Strangely, I explained to her something. Next was to reach out to her two children. Then I bid my farewell.

How do you interpret this?

Egg Cracks

An egg cracks open and out a baby crocodile
The carer feeds it food daily
Day by day the crocodile grows in size and length
Into a large and strong crocodile 
Day by day the carer’s hair turns grey to white

On a sunny day
The growling crocodile observes its carer’s feeble walk
Chomping the last food
Tears roll down its eyes
Filled with pity
Carer goes near it to comfort


Blood drips out of the carer’s stomach
Losing strength to breathe his last
As the crocodile watches the tragic sight happily
Feeding the carer as its last meal
Without realizing the carer is its master

Since then, the crocodile’s stomach growls daily
No more food
Days passed 
It closes its eyes for the last time

Inspiration On: Friday, 2 January 2014 from 1:30pm to 2pm

An ungrateful crocodile visual poetry appeared in my dream. It speaks a meaningful story to me to be careful of crocodile tears. A few times, I have falled into prey and I need to beware and to share this to you all. Wish you all have good days and thank you.

Animal Wheel

Animal wheels with
Red giraffe, blue cow, yellow duck and white sheep
Soft toys are
Whirling around as the wind blows

In the night
The red giraffe jumps down
Onto the toddler
Tickles him
Play with him
The toddler giggles
As the giraffe giggles
A sweet dream

Inspiration On: Monday, 18 August 2014 Midnight to Night
Inspiration Ends On: Tuesday, 19 August, 2014 at 2:28pm

The wheel with many four animals soft toys are always under my son’s bed. He dreamed the giraffe soft toy jumped onto him and tickled his neck. He narrated it with his gestures and expressions wriggled in laughter. He misunderstood it as nightmare. Therefore, I explained to him it was a nice dream, not a nightmare. A nightmare involves in fearful feelings. Wish you all have good days and thank you.


Silence intertwines in hearts desire
Music interludes with quietness 
Life intermingle with solitude

Interrelation with the existence of light and darkness
Coming from inside
Battling to choose and decide

The seeds of goodness and evil
Sown from external sources
Which part to trod and live out?

Inspiration On: Thursday, 28 November 2013 at 7:15am
Inspiration Ends On: Friday, 2 May 2014 at 2:20pm

Awakened from my dream, I instantly wrote the popping words “Silence intertwines quietness. Silence interludes quietness”. Then I return to sleep again. Writing block occurred in “interrelation” and finally the feelings return upon many visitations and by God’s grace. Wish you all have good days and thank you.

Slogging through the Midnight

Slogging through the midnight
Wishing to alter my sleeping habit
Only to realize
Determination alone isn’t enough
Strong will alone isn’t enough
Mind alone isn’t enough
Own plan will not prevail
Fatigue body in control
Render myself helpless
Entering the dream entrance
Exiting the dream world late morning
Changing sleeping habit fails

Slogging through the midnight
Wishing to alter my sleeping habit
Awaiting dawn
Leave my sleeping bed
Entering into an empty room
Switching on the light
Thinking poetry
Processing my thoughts
Writing poetry
Awaiting dawn
To pass the day sleepily
Possibly to sleep at 9 o’clock night

Inspiration On: Wednesday, 7 January 2014 from 12am to 3:41am

Hoping to change my unhealthy sleeping habit, I resolved to have a sleepless night in order to wake up early at 5am in the morning. Looking through the incomplete poetry to pass the midnight. Most attempts were failed due I fell asleep. This time I try again and see the result. The keyword “slogging through the night” helped me to begin this poetry.

Amplify in Silence

Darkness falls into the sky
Night has come
Everyone are dreaming
Everyone are resting on bed
Silence covers the streets
Silence covers the houses

A pair of soft footsteps
Is AmPliFieD
The bang of a door
Is AmPliFieD
Dripping of every drop of water
Is AmPliFieD
Breathing rhythm
Is AmPliFieD
Is AmPliFieD
Passing by motorbike engine
Is AmPliFieD
Passing by car
Is AmPliFieD
Growling stomach

Every little sound
Is AmPliFieD
In the silence.

Inspiration On: Tuesday, 21 May 2013 from 2:28am to 2:46am

Every surrounding experience in the night is compiled according to my observation.

Roll Roll

Rolling to me
Grabbing the whole blanket
Roll back to his position
Rolling to the other side

Next day
Rolling to me
Grabbing my bolster
Roll back to his position
Rolling to the other side

Several days later
Rolling to me
Breathing snore
Roll back to his position
Rolling to the other side
Gritting his teeth

Days pass by
Rolling to me again
Grabbing air
Roll back to his position
Rolling to the other side
Roll and roll
Wakes up on the floor.

Inspiration On: Tuesday, 21 May 2013 from 1:25am to 1:31am

This is my every night experience sleeping with my husband. So I choose to have a separate blanket. Thank God he didn’t squash me with his large and tall body. Maybe I’m too sensitive. I do wonder how I sleep. He told me that he ever fell from his bed. Only realizing it after he woke up.