Public Speaking?

Too bad to miss the earlier session of a workplace class due to fetching my son from the school bus. After lunch, I rush to the workplace agency for the Learning & Networking Fair. Upon reaching the place, I am confused that it is not a workshop. I only see an opened door where there are booths of companies awaiting to search for talents. So I prayerfully approach selectively to focus on the areas I have some and more experiences. Amazing and praise the Lord to have the media company. So I approach them to explain about my freelance experiences dealing with analytical, conceptual translated into design skills. I’m surprised they would like to have my resume. Oh no! Thank God that they are anticipating for my resume.

In the ‘Connecting with Multi-Generational Workplace’ Programme, it is time for every table is assigned with an exercise to brainstorm 10 ideas on enabling the older generations to connect with the younger generations. There are three senior citizens whom I sit together. We brainstorm the ideas together and I enjoy sharing my ideas based on my experiences. They laughingly appointed me to be their representative speaker. I feel so speechless and reluctant. Reluctantly I accept the responsibility. I feel so small and inexperienced to do so. However, I enjoy listening to other groups presenting their ideas. When it is my groups turn, I stand up, read the idea points and share my experiences. Those are my experiences working in the ex-shipping company and at home to handle my 5 years old son. I feel my joy to share the good points mum does to share to Huey and also the good points he does to stand up from his chair and let my mum to sit because she is old. Huh? The speaker mentions my name to have the best point in the way to communicate and connect. The picture that often dwells in my head is of a pet dog who cares for everyone and listens to everyone. I just love to listen to people.

At the end of the Programme, one of the senior citizen named Virginia invites me to her toastmaster. I feel that toastmaster sounds familiar but I can’t remember it’s meaning. Virginia mentions it is the place to practice public speaking. I am shocked and full of questions. What is God doing in my life? It is enough to push my button to ask the speaker for help in my communication skills. I am so thankful for the speaker to lead me to the website for the government course to improve my communication skills.

I feel upset to hear from my business mentor that she leaves the library. I don’t have the opportunity to meet her. In the end, I go to the library at the third floor. After I borrow the networking videos, I come out of the library to look for a seat to have my dinner. While I am having my dinner, someone confronts me gently whether I’m from another country. I’m not. She explains the library doesn’t allow to consume food. Huh? I thought I’m outside the library to have a sit. So I hurriedly finish my packed dinner. Then I observe the notice board that the sitting area is still considered the library vicinity. Oh no! And there is a camera. I’m really sorry, Lord. I didn’t mean to do so. My imagination runs wild of being caught. I don’t want to be caught and trouble my business mentor to rescue me. And I don’t want to be labelled as an autistic who misunderstand social cues. I want to be treated as normal human.

So I rush to the networking event my (business mentor introduced) around Tanjong Pagar. My feet are aching to wear the ladylike working flat cream colour shoes. All along I have been wearing boots. Most probably I am a social misfit girl who is struggling to grow up in terms of looking professional. I believe in the Word of God that He cares the inner character values compared to exterior. So I attempt to live out His Words without quoting His Words. My busines mentor’s feedback to wear professionally is essential in business. My beautiful philosophical writings and her view of me in person show a great inconsistency. In person, I look like a big kid in terms of my clothing and verbal speech. Now, I am learning to dress professionally for the sake of God, my family and son.

Mustering my courage, prayerfully I introduce myself and explain that I am a startup looking for partnership and volunteers. That’s what my business mentor taught me to say. This is so humbling due to financial and human resources limitations. I feel so embarrassed of myself to say so. It’s great to meet creative people and the connection with them. My lost self being begin to rejuvenate. A westerner compliments my style of coat. Thank God for the flowness of the speech. When it is getting late, I wave goodbye to them and rush home. All I can do is to pray to the Lord after I do my part.

Cat, Dog & Baby Mouse

Waits at the mouse’s hole
Waiting to play with the mouse
Makes fun of the mouse
Poke and itch the mouse
Laughter covers the room
Shouts of help fill the house
Cat laughs at baby mouse’s demise

Labours the baby mouse
Smells the baby mouse
Cares the baby mouse
Plays with baby mouse
Laughter fills the house
Disciplines baby mouse
Guard baby mouse’s wrong actions
Learning as backbone mother

Cute ears pop out
Makes fun of cat
Pokes and itch the cat
With a mischievous smile
Pulls the cat’s hairy legs as the cat changes clothing
Runs around the house
Jumps around the house
Taking off clothing to shower
Showing his sexy naked body with a pose
Misbehaviour turns to obedience once dog appears

Inspiration On: Monday, 4 November 2013 at 11:20pm
Inspiration Ends On: Tuesday, 5 November 2013 at 2:20am

The cat refers to my husband, dog refers to me, and baby mouse refers to my son. Influenced with the Tom & Jerry cartoon shown by his dad, he keeps on saying he is the mouse, his dad is the cat and I am the dog. Normally, his dad and I notice his cute pop out ears like a mouse’s ears. So I summed up everyone’s perspectives in this poetry. Thanks for reading my poetry and hope you all enjoy this.

Mother’s Extreme Cares

Lemon juice no sugar
She pour sugar into it
Worried of me having stomach gastric
But I have no such problem
Sour food doesn’t taste sour to me
But her taste bud taste sour sensitively

Baggy t-shirts is awful to her
Destroying her sight seeing
But it feels good to me
Especially windy days
Wind enters into the t-shirts
Cooling to the body
Might as well she hides in the room

Nags to dry my hair
After my shower
Nags to dry to my hair
Before I left home
Nags, nags, nags
Nags like a rewinding tape
Nags like a parrot

Oh, my ears are tired
But have to endure and learning to correct her gently
Her nagging concern

Inspiration On: Monday, 14 October 2013 at 1:17am
Inspiration Ends On: Wednesday, 15 October 2013 at 11:51pm

My mother is extremely caring. But she tends to do things her way of concern in her point of view. Going through this, I learnt something valuable. Rather than concern with own point of view, I need to understand the recipients’ needs. Everyone has own needs and perspective as long as it didn’t compromise God’s Words.

Toxic of Jealousy

Unsightly family harmony
Pick a quarrel
Enjoy fighting
With words
Lashing painful words
Seeking to control
Seeking to destroy
The new family

Jealousy control
Giving evil reign
Upon self
Seeking others’ fault
Blind to own’s fault
No wonder people
Stand afar from
An unrepentant heart
A blind mind
A deaf ear
Assuming others like
The unrepentant heart’s
Hypocritical mindset
Misunderstand others’
Kindness and goodwill

Influence her own good friend
To believe her speech
To believe she is victim
Misunderstand others’
Wrong perception of others
Kindness and goodwill
Confronting me for shouting
At his good friend
Without searching the truth
Without asking my reason

Inspiration On: Wednesday, 17 July 2013 at 12:34am
Inspiration Ends On: Friday, 19 July 2013 at 6:52pm
Compiled On: Friday, 19 July 2013 at 7:44pm

Reading Darky Blue’s poetry at reminded me of my friend’s case whom i just shared her experience.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Her nurse friend whom she confided to diagnose her with depression for the situation I have shared through my previous poetry for her. Her dad who recently told her that if she didn’t explain the truth she will be miserable and people will continually bully her. Because she felt that it was useless for her to say so since her husband won’t believe her words and he believed his mother’s words more than her. What’s the point for her to say more? Wasting her time. She didn’t want her marriage to be broken. Her nurse friend helped her to pray and queried whether she ever eat a medicine from a doctor. Yes was her reply, but it had stopped. So her friend suggested to her to see again to let the medicine help her to relax. Her friend and I also don’t want to see her to be taken away to the mental hospital.

After many requests for her husband’s contact, she hesitantly wrote down her husband’s number with trembling hands. Her nurse friend who called her husband that she was with his wife, he was happy. Unexpectedly, her husband was shocked with her nurse friend who divulged she had suicidal attempts. Alarmed not to worry her husband, she tried to stop her nurse friend for saying so. But it was too late. He immediately rushed to fetch her. Her nurse friend comforted her that her husband still care for her.

Sending her to the mrt station to meet her husband, she seemed reluctant to follow her husband. But her nurse friend introduced herself and asked him to love her and protect her. He willingly agreed. Holding hands, he gently explains the reason he scolded her for giving the feeling his mother was unwelcomed. All she thinks are to move her brother’s things out of the room, but expressed it wrongly due to thinking visually with wrong words. Her father had discussed the problem with him amicably and resolved to let him be the middle person. If there is unhappiness, his mother and her dad will go to him. This is due to her dad is worried for her not being able to convey the message correctly. Peace is restored. Since he had apologized to mother and dad, he hoped her to apologize to his mother. When she was going to apologize, the phone rang. It was her sister in law confronting her for shouting. Angered by those words and realizing her mother in law’s dishonesty, she went to bathroom to pray for God’s help to forgive her mother in law just as He had forgiven her. Having showered helped to cool down and apologize to her mother in law. Shocked with her reactions to immediately hug her and also apologize for her own fault.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Being alone in her house, she felt peaceful and can concentrate on her freelance work. Her parents went out. Her mother in law schedules her son’s playground at her brother in law’s house. While her husband and her holding hands together guiding the way, the helper observed her mother in law looked very angry, instead of being happy for her son. Her helper told her in the middle of the night before sleep. She had been wondering why her mother in law was so jealous of her.

Friday, 19 July 2013

Yesterday, she had fixed an appointment with her previous neurology. Today, her neurology told the same thing to her to tell her husband the truth what she had been through with her mother in law. The truth will let her husband to think. Not her to do so all the time. If she continues to keep quiet, she will be miserable. He also reminded her of the wedding woes to share to her husband her troubles. Unhappy with this, she had been wondering and didn’t wish to hurt her mother in law.

Everyone’s Basis of Statement through Analysis from her previous talk. Her mother in law went through divorce at the age of 30 for her husband left her for another woman. Her husband’s siblings rebuked and blamed her for being too brawling. So he couldn’t stand her.

But my friend feels what that has got to do with her. What does she has to make her mother in law jealous?

Serene in the Crowd

Dwelling in quietness
Amidst the crowd
No lonely feeling
Peaceful feeling instead


The time to enjoy
The ride
The scenery
My observation
The rest in my heart and mind
Eyes are at rest with the scenery
Relax feeling
Lost in music from Walkman in my ear
Losing myself in imagination

Inspiration On: Thursday, 27 June 2013 at 11:25pm to 11:36pm

Such feelings are generated when I read Terry’s inspiration at her blog. Enjoy.


Project out of the delivery room

A baby is born
His first cry
Enter my ears
Cuddle him
Provides warmth

Life with baby seems rough
Giving him full attention
Stay with him while he cries
Connect us with

The more I care him
The more he calms down with my presence
The more he communicates calmly
Though not all the time

Inspiration On: Thursday, 13 June 2013 at 2:18am
Inspiration Ends On: Friday, 14 June 2013 at 11:37pm

Upon reaching motherhood phase of life, I search through books and attempt to apply it. Some methods are successful, but some methods are not applicable. So I’m still learning and agree with some of the theories.


Drip! Drip! Drip!
So noisy!
How can I sleep?

Drip! Drip! Drip!
The dripping drop is
How can I sleep?

Am I being
Too sensitive?
My husband sleeps well.
My little one sleeps well.
Read books
Until they fall
Onto my face.

– – – Silence – – –
My ears
At peace
– – – Peace – – –

Inspiration On: Tuesday, 21 May 2013 from 2:15am to 2:27pm

It has been months the shower hose leaked in the bathroom of my room. Two days, on Sunday, the plumber came. Everything is peaceful now.