Enthusiasm Re-Sparks

Nobody at home except the helper
Proclaiming God’s Words and promises
Change working environment

Quiet place
An air-conditioned space
Power outlets at the wall

Students study
Few senior citizens study
Relearn to prioritize

Two artworks completion
Give a sense of accomplishment
Enthusiasm sparks and increases

Thanks be to God for
His strength and being with His people
Daily scripture proclamation

Inspiration On: Monday, 28 December 2015

On yesterday’s dad’s opinion and jump to conclusions, I choose to learn to prioritize my time and to do work out of home.

I learn to proclaim God’s Words and promises. Then I leave the house. When I work on my portfolio in the library, I feel more at peace. Upon completing two animated designs, There is an increase in enthusiasm.

Wish you all have good days and thank you.