Outreach Meeting

I feel delighted to have lunch with RR and RC. Then we have a photo. RL feels so happy that I look feminine and look good in it. Then I share their response to my business mentor and SS. They agree it’s good to look feminine. That’s me.

I’m shocked to learn that the outreach meeting discussion to share the gospel at TP is tonight. After meeting the career coach (FT), I quickly rush to TP. While waiting for MK, I do my best in my resume. When she arrived, she buys me a cup of lime juice. Then I talk to her about my resume and go with her to her house. We go to the designated place and wait for others. She buys me a cup of milo. To our disappointments, none come. Then I also begin to share about the Social entrepreneurship idea and my business mentor becomes my business partner. She also prays about it and for God’s anointing upon my broken common sense. Then she sends me to the nearest bus stop.