Unbelievable Call

Many Different people mention
Successful autistics are intelligent
Reflection mood
Even my business mentor also highlight

Seeing own weaknesses
With magnifying glass
Weighs me down
Slower than others in

That does not deter me
From standing up again due to
A cause I belief in Jesus
An unbelievable call
A higher call

Inspiration On: Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Uncle WY calls me in the morning before I leave the house. He is worried and concerned about my well being especially in my own self-limiting beliefs. I don’t feel I am smart. I am slower than others and I just want to do my best. Strangely, my business mentor and the my cell members shares that autistics are smart – Newton and other famous people. What is God doing in my life?

A sister in Christ sends me about Samson and Luke 22:42 with the title ‘Who is my master? Me or God?’

Luke 6:46 “Why do you call me Lord, Lord, and do not do what I say?”

Samson – a man with great strength but a weakness for women. God set him apart and empowered him to deliver Israel from her enemies. But instead of chasing after God, he chased after girls. What a waste of God-given potential and abilities.

Our weakness may not be women. It may be other things that hinder our commitment to God.

Today, invite God to be Lord of our will and decisions. Luke 22:42 “not my will but Thine be done.”

I feel so speechless.

I can’t stand the noises. So I ask business mentor whether she knows any local shop that sells noise proof ear plug. No reply from her. Suddenly, I have the feeling to ask WC. I am amazed he knows the local shop to get it for a cheaper price. Suddenly, he text messages me, “My condo at is empty these few days. U can use it to do ur work in a quiet environment.” I feel so grateful, “Thank you for your kind offer.” However, I feel uncomfortable to accept the offer because he is a guy. He asks me, “Well are u interested.” I feel bad and respond, “Though I am interested, no need. You can rent it to earn income.”

The more I read on the book titled ‘Confronting Jezebel’, the more I hate satan and the more I am determined to fight back against his scheme.

Finally, I have completed my portfolio. I send the project portfolio that IC gave and the children’s illustration book. Most touch on character designs. Wow! I am surprised how God works. Lord, please open the doors into the animation industry through DK. I sense God’s presence in my heart.

Then I work and complete the compilation for my animated words titled, “thoughts into actions”. I feel so delighted, do some writing and upload it. I am surprised God works through IC to point me to a character designs though it looks dark. Not my style and type. I feel so pricked on the character profile and design for my cavity monsters based on ranking. Furthermore, I need to type the scripts into celtx. I feel so happy to fast one meal. I feel much better and can sense His presence.

When I am teaching my son, he asks for his money that I keep into the bank. I reply that he can get it when he grows up. Now is to earn the interest first. Suddenly, it dawns upon me about my Abba Father who let me to be disappointed to make the business work. When I see the expenses list, the spending is more than the amount I am going to put as business capital. I feel so speechless.

Wish you all have good days and thank you.

Artists in Zoo

Arts exhibition to spread message via form showcase
Content injected into artistic form
An array of visual media messages inhibited a spacious room
Display and speaks the
Past, present, and prophesied future
Own fantasy
Own imagination
Own needs
Own wish
Of tomorrow

All these put the artist in a spotlight
Beasts reluctantly lose their freedom
To spotlight in the cages of zoo
To spotlight in the circus performance
Stage and props are a cage of zoo
Artists willingly stand on the stage
To gain famous
To earn livelihood
Living another character in them

Arts gallery
Exhibition gallery
Is where the artists are
Artists in zoo
Exhibited zoo
To entertain spectators and audience

Inspiration On: Thursday, 21 November 2013 from 1:17am to 4:24pm

Pat’s poetry sparked the birth of this visual poetry existence in my mind. Her poetry can be found at http://patcegan.wordpress.com/2013/11/20/the-zoo/ . Hope you enjoy and get my message.