Use Left or Right Hand?

Most sketchings gives soft sense
Producing different feelings
Current animation teacher can tell my
Loving the picture

Comparing first and second day of
Gestural figure drawings
First day of gestural sketchings
Better than the second day
Best results are the sketches with left hand
Teacher doesn’t know my problems
Using both left and right hands

Experiment drawing with my left hand
Results are faster and give stronger feeling
Than sketchings with my right hand
Warming up sketchings with left hand
Switch back to right hand
Boost the strength of my gestural drawings
A new discovery of myself and at a loss

Using left hand
Using right hand
Use both hands
This really slows me down
Need the Lord to discover His creation

Inspiration On: Wednesday, 18 May 2016

The animation teacher emphasises my first gesture drawing is much better than the second day. That reminds me of my left hand. As I draw with my left hand drawings, all show more energy compared to my right hand. When I return to my right hand, my right hand drawings have more energy. What happen to my body system? A new discovery about myself. How can I be ambidextrous? Impossible. This really slows me down.

At home, my younger brother gives a news to me that my husband teaches our son in his studies. It is a big surprise to me. Then he reveals dad and mum go to my son’s school so the principal gives my husband a call.

Wish you all have good days and thank you.