Guided through People

Ex-mentor and another friend
Celebrate my birthday
Treating lunch
Share about Chinese herbs eating procedure
Share more about my son and myself
Dyslexia symptoms
Ex-mentor shares about her parents

Next destination
Business mentor’s house
Passing the conditioner to her
Impresses in delegation
Massaging my head acupoints
Speak about her values
Guide me in the structure to speak situations

Inspiration On: Sunday, 14 March 2016

Grateful for my mum to bring my son out to meet her younger brother. My ex-mentor and my friend celebrate my birthday. I feel comfortable with them and share more about my son’s handwriting issue. Ex-mentor can immediately detect it as dyslexia and need to have immediate intervention. I also share that my hand is more dominant. I write with my left hand because I feel comfortable to write from right to left. I get scared because I write all the word in a reverse order.

Thankful for business mentor to massage and press my head acupoints. Then I get to know her better. She is concerned for my spiritual well-being. She initiated to read yesterday’s devotion about Jethro told Moses to delegate and give his suggestions. And I need to pray out. She also read the job scope about the interview and explain I don’t understand. She massages people depend on their situation. Those who are wealthy, she charges her normal price. However, she doesn’t charge those who are financially poorer. I feel so speechless. That reminds me of my fifth uncle who is a doctor. Is God showing the true colours of everybody to me? God tests business mentor and I. She casts out the spirit of poverty in me. Then I share that yesterday there is a soft knock at my dad’s room. Almost misunderstand my son. As she clarifies, she corrects the structure of my speech. I should begin with, “I was in my dad’s room. Then there is soft knock at my door.”

I’m relieved to be able to talk about my strength through my satisfied accomplishment to repair computer despite my programming background. I am also reminded of emergenetics profile and state my three strongest test – analytical/logical, structural, and creativity. Glad to remember my brother has taught me to say especially the willingness to learn.

I wish to contribute and be part of God’s kingdom. How is this temporary AR Officer can lead me to the media business vision God gives?

Wish you all have good days and thank you.

Honesty in Comedy

Poking fun
Flirty eyes and smile
Comedically peeping into my coat lapel

Meaning to beware
Though outwardly cover my chest
Giving a message

Bending posture can give
The wrong signal
Thus exposing myself

Inspiration On: Tuesday, 29 December 2015

The business partner God blesses me with has altered the black altered dress Misa gives. She brings it to SS’s hair salon. She ties a mini hook onto the clothes to cover up my chest. I appreciate her effort. I wear it and return to SS’s hair salon. It seems looser than previously. So I ask her whether she edits all the button. She answers no and that shows I slightly lose my weight. Then Misa pokes fun on me that people can still see my chest. Business partner tells her not to scare me. I appreciate Misa’s honesty to explain that people can still see my chest if I bend down. SS, Business partner and Misa feel that I look good in it and appreciate their honesties. They are really God’s blessings.

Wish you all have good days and thank you.