Opportunity to explain myself

My business mentor suddenly asks me, “Why don’t you get the iPhone 6s yourself and sell it in the market?” Great for the opportunity to express my appreciation to her, “Since you want to get iPhone 6S, might as well let you get it as a way to appreciate you as a friend and appreciate your much help. Why do you ask me this question? Strange that you ask me this now.”

Surprisingly, she changes her mind, “I can get it under my son’s corporate plan under Singtel cheaper but data plan becomes 4G and reduces to 4GB. Not strange as you can earn some income.” I still care about her, “It’s okay. As my appreciation for all you have done.”

Her answers, “You need the income more. My son’s plan is cheaper.” I can understand her needs of data plan so I reply, “Though I need the income, I can understand not wanting to lose the 12GB. My siblings refuse to upgrade their plan.”

I am shocked at her answers, “I need to upgrade to 4GB. And I take it as a training and discipline to use data wisely. Look for free wifi as far as possible. Also a way not to let iPhone be my idol. It has been my idol. I need to spend time wisely and discipline in reading more especially the bible. Many books awaiting me to read.” I am baffled so I question her, “Why would iPhone be your idol?” I appreciate her honesty, “I have been spending most part of the day on my mobile right into bedtime!”

My curiosity gets the better of me in what she does with her iPhone, “Doing things or what?” She is very direct in her answer, “If thing or things are a preoccupation over spending time with God and things that are drawing us away from what we are supposed to be, then they are idols. Like not sleeping early and do my reading.”

More questions to her, “Do you normally write your journal and reflections from the Bible into iPhone?” Her brute answer is amazingly direct, “Not iPhone. I prefer books over electronic type. Journal is easily mistaken as diary.” Therefore, I share my usage on iPhone “Though I prefer write on books and papers, i write the reflections and etc in iPhone so that I can find it easily.” An expected answer from her, “I don’t normally journal (prefer on notebook) unless I have a personal encounter with God or special spiritual experiences. Not for me. I prefer writing. The effect is different.”

Then I begin to share to her about my life experiences, “Thanks for reminding about logos and rhema. I almost forget those words because I have been reading the Bible. Strangely the rhema just pops out and writing it becomes so smooth. Normally, my writing isn’t smooth. Most probably I have been reading the Bible silently because I am not encouraged to read it.”

“Do whatever is comfortable and effective for you. No one can stop you from reading the bible.”

“I still prefer to read it aloud together with a sister in Christ. Better effects.”

“Understandably so. In a Christian lunch gathering last week, an American pastor shared that he and his wife has been taking turns reading bible aloud at breakfast time.”

“That’s good. I feel lonely in it.”

As expected of her conclusion, “You are not the only one.”

“I know. That’s why it’s good to meet those whom can read and discuss the Bible together.”

“Cell group”

“I have asked Chen. I hope the timing is okay. Because Saturday always bring my son out.”

“Choose one day that is week day.”

“I don’t know whether got weekday.”

“Churches have been asking their congregation to join CG.”

Then I shared my testimony to thank the Lord, “Phew. Just now. Thank God for a truck didn’t hit me.”

Oh no! Her misunderstanding for my message, ” Stop using the phone while walking.” So I quickly explain to her, “I don’t use phone while crossing the road. I put it into pocket.”

Don’t Make the Era More and More

The article Don’t Make the Era More and More proves her point about today’s society is lacking family time with higher income. However, I disagree in the part that it allows the men to take advantage on women and vice versa. Marriage is unlike being happily ever after. 


A creative entrepreneur
Accidentally found

An Accidental

In the midst of arts industry
Where the new creatives
Can withhold

Internship and Professional

To improve employability skills
Passionate to work
Yet able to care the family

Not solitary endeavour
but to
ACE together!

Inspiration On: Wednesday, 10 June 2015 at 11:55am

In the current creative industries, there is an increasing epidemic where the creative job seekers are not paid during internship due to a book written to the artists to provide their service for free. Are not the workers deserve their wages? Wish you all have good days and thank you.

Ocean of Woe

Drifting aimlessly
On the vast ocean
Ocean of life’s troubles
Ocean of woes
Floating around sorrowfully
Nowhere to go
Feeling lonely
Hoping to find
A destination
An island
Island of team-ship rather than competition

Passing by many islands
Many islands reject after squeezing me
Give! Give! Give!
All these drain enthusiasm in me
Wearing me out
Where is the island?
The island of mutual understanding and respect
Not the dead sea island

Where is the island?
The island where I can rest
The island of mutual understanding and respect
The island of truthfulness
The island of complementing mutual needs

Inspiration On: Tuesday, 8 October 2013 at 9:51pm
Inspiration On: Thursday, 10 October 2013 at 12:18pm

Whenever failed attempts of finding a full time job after having a child for more than three years, I feel downcast. Am I drifting aimlessly in my job search? I wish to support my parents financially. Whenever there is time, I surf the Internet at home and reply to emails and comments due to financial restriction. Some bosses squeezed me and refused to pay me the little income for the work I have done. Making excuses and even empty promises. Only consider their own interests without considering employees’ needs. These really kill my enthusiasm in my work. Don’t I need to eat? Can’t I earn a living? Their motto is their own benefit. When they want to train me, they say beautiful words.