A Talk about Israel by Jewish Lady

After meeting Mark S at Starbucks, Betty L comes with Victoria (her friend) who works in a startup which sells licensed disney shirts. It’s good that she has the experience to do all the work for the startup. I appreciate for Betty to compliment that I talk a lot now. Thank You, Lord for your courage and strength. Actually, I want to contribute my part into God’s
kingdom through the business.

Then I choose to go to the school (where my business mentor always goes to) to do my work in order to wait for the talk about Jews informed by her. Most likely, she is there. I have no choice except to have my courage to show my face. I feel so bad for arguing with her and apologizes for my mistakes due to some of my memory loss. On my way, the lawyer calls me to remind me to fill the will registration form. When I reach there, she is there. We call each other and quietly do our own work. Later on, her friend (CW) goes there as well. The talk about Israel is by a professor Jewish lady. The word ‘Mount of Remembrance Har Hazikaron’ impresses my heart. It is not found in the Bible. I attempt to write the spelling. I write it repetitively in order to get the spelling correct. While I am thinking on it, CW spots it. I feel so embarrassed to acknowledge that I am learning Hebrew. It’s great to have the courage to ask the Jewish lady to correct my spelling. Great to ask her privately and surprisingly she is impressed. She corrects it. Oh, it is the beauty of Hebrew language. After it has ended, CW asks me the time I learn Hebrew and the reason. It is to know God better and understand the Bible. My purpose is to seek God and to be loved by Him. Oh. What is being done in secret will be found out. This is awkward.

What is God doing? I wonder.

Colourful Markers

Colour his finger nail
Looks like coloured fingernail
Dashing around the house
Reporting to everyone
Showing to everyone
His beautiful artistic skill
To paint fingernail
Colourful markers

Pink markers on his
Pointing fingernail
Looks good
Looks beautiful
Shaming me
As a lady
My own

Inspiration On: Saturday, 1 June 2013 at 9:45pm
Inspiration On: Sunday, 2 June 2013 at 12:31am

While I was accompanying my mum to watch television programme, I let my son to use colourful markers to draw on paper. Unexpectedly, he coloured his finger nail with the pink marker. Thank God, the marker was cleaned when he washed his hands.

As A Lady

A lady aspire to concern of her parents
However, parents push her to marriage
Thus, she obliges

In marriage, she must take care of both husband and newborn
And not to forget, her job
Nevertheless, parents whine not spending enough time with them.

Though she aspires to take care of her parents
Financially and spending time with them,
There seems to be endless tasks
As the clock continuously tick
No freezing of time

How contradicting of her parents
The lady is sandwiched between parents, husband, and baby
Parents-in-law also whines of their son
How contradicting of her parents-in-law
The lady is sandwiched between husband and parents-in-law.

Burn-out occurs.

Oh, that is why
Some choose celibacy.

Inspiration On: Wednesday, 16 May 2012 at 1:11pm and 3pm
Revised On: Monday, 21 May 2012 at 1pm

Though my parents stay with me, I can’t seem to have time for myself. There seems to be numerous and endless tasks to make sure the house is neat, tidy, and in proper order. Not just taking care of newborn child and doing my freelance work. I have been trying to balance the time and in the end, my body sometimes burns out even though I engage a helper.