Freedom & Liberty

In slavery
In speech
In democracy
In breaking tradition
In breaking law
In our lives

Does freedom in our lives
Brings happiness to us?
Does freedom in law breaking
Cultivate seeds of love or evil?
Does liberty in all things
Cause us to abuse our authority?

Do we use freedom to send love and peace into the world?
Do we use liberty to love one another?
Does freedom protects the earth or abuse it?

What is freedom?
What is liberty?
What is this so called freedom and liberty?

Inspiration On: Wednesday, 25 December 2013 from 10:27pm to 10:35pm

Steve Hi’s poetry in Freedom as Cooperative inspired me and I responded with the birth of this rhythm poetry echoing in my mind. When I search the link to Steve’s poetry at wordpress, I can’t seems to find it. Please, Steve, respond to this poetry with your links when you read this. Thank you.

Thanks to Ann Koplow to visit my blog and provide me the link to Steve Hi’s poetry available at

Whole-Life or Death Sentence

What is the best law policy?
A whole-life sentence?
A death sentence?

Which one is more effective?
A whole-life sentence?
A death sentence?

How does it benefit or help the society?
A whole-life sentence?
A death sentence?

In which context is it applicable?
A whole-life sentence?
A death sentence?

Which one do you think is the best?
May I have your opinions please?
Thank you.

Inspiration On: Sunday, 25 November 2012 at 1:52am to 3:05am

Upon reading news that some countries’ law does not permit death sentence, only enforce whole life imprisonment. But some countries still persists in enforcing death sentence. So the above poetry is birthed out. And I am hoping to understand everyone’s opinions.