Urgent Prayer Request

Immediate identification of spirits
Disturbing my family
Power from the Lord to calm down

Seeking prayer
On my husband’s behalf and bound it
Informing my cell leader

Inspiration On: Saturday, 9 January 2016

I am awakened by three dreams about my husband. The first dream he fetched me home In the second dream he lost half of his right leg. The last dream, his neck swelled due to thyroid and passed away. Immediately, I WhatsApp Uncle WY to pray against the spirit of handicap, sickness in thyroid and the spirit of death. Then I learn to pray and cast such spirits.

Heavenly Father, I pray for the job at the creative agency. In Jesus’ name. My business mentor considers whether she wants me to add her as co-owner of our business. Lord, if she doesn’t want, I can’t do anything. Of course, I want her to be the business partner.

I feel uneasy to ask my cell group for prayer for my husband. They sound so happy to celebrate on the anointing. Then I text message Uncle WY to ask for prayer. Then I rush out of home for the service excellence class. Only to realize he messages me, “A JESUS CHRIST-Blessed Sat morning to you, do u think your husband can allow me to pray with him to JESUS to Heal him? May i call u now? 8.20am Sat 9th Jan?” Oh no. I answer, “I’m sorry. I just see your message. In the morning, I prayed for him. And I cast out the spirits. Now I’m on my way to attend government class from 10am to 6pm.”

I’m surprised that my husband will bring our son to nearby mall for dinner. Thank God and so thankful of him.

The Service Excellence helps me to understand the reason IC likes my service. Thus the Lord enables me to move forward in business. The trainer is known as MST. During lunch, he and I have conversations. IM praises the fast changes of my outlook. I thank my business mentor who helps to point my problem and suggested to me to work in a conducive environment. Then he asks me, “people easily distract you.” I respond, “Yes, people distract me. I am distracted easily by people.” Inside my heart, I feel bad not to get things done due to people. Is that the reason Perine says, “no wonder” upon seeing my personality test. He points my strength that I have kindness. What? Then he continues that a company needs to have vision, mission and values. That is where million dollars is invested into a company. Why do I have to hear this for the third time? The trainer explains very clearly about vision, mission and values. We are given exercise to brainstorm a company’s vision, mission and values. I am assigned to a group of South Indians to discuss on a supermarket setup. Surprisingly, everything flows out and I explain to the Indians the correct section and better words. I get excited in the exercise, design the logo and drawing people. I enjoy listening to others’ presentation. In our turn, they tell me to move forwarded . I refuse. The trainer will make us to run a big circle. They point me to move forward. Reluctantly, I move forward and present. Thank God for the clear presentation.

During dinner, my son pesters him to go to church together. In the end, he relents. I explain to him that the church worship is using drum. He still goes and introduce him to SS. I inform Uncle WY about it. In the service, a pastor preaches about persecution as Christians. It’s not easy to be followers of Jesus. That can destroy his presumptions that Churches at suntec are materialistic. Hallelujah! I feel so delighted on the married couples going together as a church to relive the honeymoon. So far no reaction from my husband to receive Christ. In the prayer for deliverance, I ask the lady to pray for my husband. Thank God to learn to bind the spirit of handicap, sickness and death in my husband. They also guide me to speak the proper tone to bound those and the spirit of fear in me. The lady highlights to me to share to my cell leader. No need to feel bad to confide in my assigned cell leader. So I point to SS and she is called. She comforts me to tell her about such issue and the cell group will pray together for me. SS explains the reason the devil bully me because I am so quiet. I learn the mistake in my tone to cast the demons away.

Wish you all have good days and thank you.

Testimony Turn

Extreme encouragement through testimonies
So delighted in hearing the Lord’s goodness

Two testimonies speak in my heart

Being appalled in my cell leader’s life
Dealing with depression
Living in denial of her husband’s death
Minister to the depressed
Willingness to step into leadership
Believing the Lord to provide
The Lord provides

Attempting to testify on the Lord’s providence
With the right words
Before my turn
Still can’t find the right words
Until my turn
Tossing the microphone away
Only to be passed back to me
By faith I speak
Seeking God for His guidance to communicate
Forced to admit my autism
Testifying God’s strength and goodness
In every area of my weaknesses

A cell member in another cell group
Whom I ever be her advocate
Towards her cell leader
Who misunderstood her faith for missing
Cell group and church services
Due to being bullied in her workplace
Testify the Lord to hear her every prayers
That shows the Lord’s burden in my heart to be her advocate

Enter into reflection mode
What is God doing in my life?
Being a leader
Being an advocate
Being pushed to the frontline
Without realizing it
A reluctant leader who only want God
Who enjoys to be a follower attitude

Inspiration On: Saturday, 2 January 2016

In the CG thanksgiving party, I feel so encouraged with other people’s testimonies. SS’s testimony catches my heart so much. she deals with depression due living in denial of her husband’s death that happened 5 years ago. Upon acknowledging her husband’s death, she is willing to step into leadership and let the Lord to provide the fishes. Then she helps Josephine to deal with her depression and begins the cell group for her. She is surprised by Pli’s strong commitment to open her house for the woodlands CG. Her testimony speaks into my heart. Yes! One day I need to step into leadership in my household, job and cell group too.

When it comes to my turn, I just want to pass it. But the microphone is passed to me to testify about God’s goodness for year 2015. Because I am caught unprepared and can’t find the right words. I felt so humbled to admit my autism until I begin to acknowledge it. I testify the Lord’s strength and goodness in a lot of areas of my weaknesses especially in my expressions in writing. My business mentor’s feedback that my writing and I are like two different persons. I hate to admit that I run away from home. How the Lord changes my parents’ perceptions for me to enter workforce. I can’t stand the way others look at me. Deep inside, I feel awful. LT’s eyes look teary and full of compassion. For year 2016 goals in the Lord is for His wisdom and discernments when to say no, improve my communication skills and get a job.

Jenn (who can’t make it to Mako’s door to door evangelism) testifies the Lord’s goodness to hear her every cry. Then in the middle of the night I text message Mako, “Thank God to hear Jenn’s testimony. As expected that Jenn is still trusting in the Lord and the Lord hears her every cry.”

I’m surprised of LT to announce the coming marriage encounter in April. I’m awaiting for it. SS encourages me to bring my husband. I hope he can truly be saved.

When the clock struck 3 o’clock, the party ends and I am ready to go to the airport. Unexpectedly, Mako’s husband and her are giving me a lift. Ann also takes the same car with me. As we wait for them, she talks with me. In the car, she compliments me for being smart. I feel so uplifted and being honest with her that she hasn’t seen the real me. My business mentor has seen the real me until explains to me to work first. It is due to half understand about business and my financial constraints.

Wish you all have good days and thank you.

Caught with Swelling Eye

Performing my duties at work
Sunglass impair my vision
Take it off

Supervisor suddenly enters
Showing concern
Shock with my eyes

I had a fall in the bathroom
Hoping to dispel misunderstanding
Surprised with her kind concern
Have you seen the doctor?
I have seen the doctor

Sudden news today is the last day
Relieved to hear due to I want to
Fulfill my vow before the Lord

We go through my total hours
I point my mistake to reduce half hour
Due to my mistake for being late a few minutes
Putting myself in the employers’ shoes
God is fair so I need to be fair
She excuses me due to my
Work productivity?

I feel unworthy yet
God is gracious
To receive pay more than allowance from husband
He provides this month
When my husband purposely
Choose not to give

We knock off
Surprised of my supervisor
Keep in touch
Comforting to hear that
I like her compassionate personality

Inspiration On: Wednesday, 4 November 2015 at 11pm

My business mentor cares about my focus by sending slides on focus. I honestly tell her my resolution that I want to concentrate in the concept and character designs. She asks me how to find the volunteers. I am thinking also. Then I muster my courage to tell her I need volunteers to cover my ministry work. I share some part of my tasks. She gets a shock. So that I can concentrate on the business side. I need the one who does the graphic design. She questions me the reason I didn’t say it earlier. I can only answer that I don’t know how to say it. After I read the Meridian Herbal Oil, I share about my interaction with the 50 years old uncle. We speaks through WhatsApp.

I begin, “I’ve read the vital meridian essence ingredients, directions and functions. The word ‘qi’ reminds me of my days at the Comic Association. The 50 years old uncle who talks to me mentioned three things that I’m lack of and scared him.

  • Can’t sense my qi
  • Can’t hear my breath
  • Can’t hear my footsteps

    Those traits he often highlighted to me. I just don’t understand him.”

    She sounds shocked, “what?”

    “Are you shocked to hear this? I was and am speechless.”

    “You have a health problem. Avoid drug medication at all cost.”

    “Oh no”

    “Ensure you use 20 drops of VM and 10 drops of Angelica Ardent on your womb and your kidney areas nightly. Good to strengthen your qi and blood circulation. You need to strengthen your lung and large intestine meridians. But the Magnolia oil is not cheap.”

    “Well, how much was your medical bill yesterday?”

    “Around $53 plus. My son encouraged me to go and bring his dad along. He only responded if I want to go. So he paid for it without looking at me.”

    “Let him be. Fix your eyes on Jesus alone.”


    When I was working alone in the conference room, I took off my sunglasses. Suddenly, my supervisor enters and is shocked at the swell. She is concerned on my well being. I said that I had a fall in the bathroom. She asks whether I have visited the doctor. Gratefully, I reply that I had visited the doctor yesterday.

    I share this to my business mentor of being caught by her friend (my supervisor) on my eye swell. I feel so embarrassed. Her reply astonish me, “Nothing embarrassing. More about empathy. Any one could have met with mishap or accident that cause injury. Thank God that nothing serious.” Then I respond, “Yeah. Thank God I didn’t knock onto my head. But today I knocked onto my head when I was working alone.”

    Oh! What happen to me? Why does the Lord humbles me? I want to be strong. Though I tend to pity and care others, I don’t like to be pitied. I believe it is important to have a giving spirit.

    Wish you all have good days and thank you.

  • See My Future In The Mirror

    Who do I see?
    I see her gentleness
    I see her love and care towards
    Those who are doing
    Labour work

    Who do I see?
    I see her encouragement
    I see her well treatment and motivations towards
    Those who are doing
    Labour work

    Who do I see?
    I see a strong leader who work hard
    I see a strong leader who cares the safety of
    Those who are doing
    Labour work

    Who do I see?
    I see a strong leader who spreads herself thin
    I see a strong leader who is physically weak
    Thus often fall sick
    Need recuperation

    A compassionate strong leader
    Who needs to care own physical strength
    Expression of admiration and gratitude to my Lord and Saviour
    Deepen my walk in the Lord

    Inspiration On: Thursday, 29 October 2015 at 10pm

    At night, YY (the finance department leader who employs me as a part-time admin) comes into my mind. Her personality attracts me. Her gentleness and caring towards the employee. Her actions speaks a lot about her being a strong Christian though she has a weak body. She has a lot of unseen documents to clear. It’s like seeing myself in the future. So I confide to my business mentor, “YY has a lot of unseen documents to clear. I never expect that. Come to think of it. This helps me reflect on myself. I have been stretching myself too thin.” Her reply is only word, “FOCUS”. My response is, “Oh yes. Focus. No wonder I make a lot of mess with too many commitments and tasks. May we continually pray for each other.” She responds, “Certainly.” No wonder my mental and physical are affected badly due to being overworked and pressed from many sides. Wish you all have good days and thank you.