Hungry Eyes At Goldfish vs Donut

Behind the aquarium
A pair of hungry eyes are looking
Looking at the swimming goldfish
Goldfish is fearful of the glowing eyes
The glowing eyes of a cat.
Goldfish is fearful of the saliva
The saliva from the cat’s mouth.

Waits at a box of donuts
Donut in pink to be cut
Cut in half for his
For his reward to finish lunch
To finish lunch quickly.
Waits a a box of donuts
Meowing with drooping saliva.

He reminds me
He looks like
A cat looking at the goldfish
Goldfish in the aquarium.

Inspiration On: Monday, 11 March 2013 at 1:18pm

My son was very happy and claimed the promise to give him donut if he finished his lunch. Indeed, he quickly ate his lunch and sat on the chair to see his donut. The way he looked at the donuts reminded me of a cat looking at the goldfish. Then he meowed.


When I loosen my grip.
Gripping the biscuit snack.
While he is munching his lunch.

I snatch it back
When he loosen his grip.
While he munches his food.

SNATCH! Snatch!
SNATCH! Snatch!

Ultimately, give him.

Inspiration On: Thursday, 31 January 2013 at 4:54pm

My toddler was eyeing the biscuit snack from my hand. I purposely did so to let him eat faster because he always didn’t munch the food inside his mouth.