Insult Treatment

Dwell and sink deeper into
The meaning of insult
It is the pool of enduring
Deep insult and humiliation
Remind indescribable senses and feelings

Disrespect of person
Putting others down
Looking down on others
Of different statuses and differences
Harshly, sarcastically or mockingly

The way you treat others
Especially the weak is being treated
Reflects your inner character
Jesus teaches us in Matthew 7:12
Love others as the way you want to be treated

Inspiration On: Saturday, 20 February 2016

Suddenly, I feel so immersed to WC’s question about insult. As I tap and dig into my bad experiences, thank God to get the right words. I respond through text message to him, “For your question about insult. Insult means disrespect. It is putting others down either harshly, sarcastically or mockingly. Basically, it is the way you treat others.” Then I share to him about the way he treats SL well, “SL ever shared to me about her interview day to hafar. You gave her a can of Coke. She is so touched by your kind gesture. Normally, nobody gave her a can of Coke during her interview. Therefore, she chooses to stay and work in your dad’s company. She likes you as a person. A caring nature.”

Wish you all have good days and thank you.

Insult Consultant

A question about
The meaning of insult
Digs into my bad experiences

Putting others down
Is an insult
Agree with such statement

Rape women
Is an insult
Explaining and giving my perspective

Inspiration On: Friday, 19 February 2016

WC baffles me to ask respectfully whether I don’t mind to clean his apartment flat for $50. Then he asks me about insult. Raping women and putting others down is an insult. Earning money as a cleaner is an honest way and not degrading. Then I share about my business mentor. I am surprised that she ever shared her experience to work at a restaurant. He also asks me not to laugh at me. Yes is my answer. He says that he has a 3 years old hobby to collect a trail train. Inside I feel so marveled. I’m visualizing of doing video recording. Good for my stop motion video. There is an inner child in everyone who wants to come out.

Wish you all have good days and thank you.