Guided through People

Ex-mentor and another friend
Celebrate my birthday
Treating lunch
Share about Chinese herbs eating procedure
Share more about my son and myself
Dyslexia symptoms
Ex-mentor shares about her parents

Next destination
Business mentor’s house
Passing the conditioner to her
Impresses in delegation
Massaging my head acupoints
Speak about her values
Guide me in the structure to speak situations

Inspiration On: Sunday, 14 March 2016

Grateful for my mum to bring my son out to meet her younger brother. My ex-mentor and my friend celebrate my birthday. I feel comfortable with them and share more about my son’s handwriting issue. Ex-mentor can immediately detect it as dyslexia and need to have immediate intervention. I also share that my hand is more dominant. I write with my left hand because I feel comfortable to write from right to left. I get scared because I write all the word in a reverse order.

Thankful for business mentor to massage and press my head acupoints. Then I get to know her better. She is concerned for my spiritual well-being. She initiated to read yesterday’s devotion about Jethro told Moses to delegate and give his suggestions. And I need to pray out. She also read the job scope about the interview and explain I don’t understand. She massages people depend on their situation. Those who are wealthy, she charges her normal price. However, she doesn’t charge those who are financially poorer. I feel so speechless. That reminds me of my fifth uncle who is a doctor. Is God showing the true colours of everybody to me? God tests business mentor and I. She casts out the spirit of poverty in me. Then I share that yesterday there is a soft knock at my dad’s room. Almost misunderstand my son. As she clarifies, she corrects the structure of my speech. I should begin with, “I was in my dad’s room. Then there is soft knock at my door.”

I’m relieved to be able to talk about my strength through my satisfied accomplishment to repair computer despite my programming background. I am also reminded of emergenetics profile and state my three strongest test – analytical/logical, structural, and creativity. Glad to remember my brother has taught me to say especially the willingness to learn.

I wish to contribute and be part of God’s kingdom. How is this temporary AR Officer can lead me to the media business vision God gives?

Wish you all have good days and thank you.

People Spark Enthusiasm

Awaiting for the online webinar
Awake before seven morning
Planning my outing route

Meeting one person in one vicinity
Enjoy the conversation
Another two friends celebrate my birthday

Energy level increases
Seeing God’s guidance through my past actions
Apply for a job through referral

Inspiration On: Wednesday, 9 March 2016

I realized that God is helping me to stand up again through the people He has placed in my lives. Wish you all have good days and thank you.

Environment and People Issue

Complaints and murmurings
Tend to cause the environment hostile
Without realizing it pulls me down
Cause me to lose focus at home

Relationship and environment
Boost my morale and motivation
Produce good effect in performance

Inspiration On: Wednesday, 2 March 2016

At home, I feel so frustrated and upset. So I choose to work at the library no I can breathe better and concentrate. I think through the reason I feel vexed at home. Suddenly, it dawns upon me of my mum complaining her frustration to communicate with the maid. I can’t stand to be at home. Never expect the environment is pulling me down. Lord, I need You to push me up. Then I realize I can flourish better in the working environment.

My mum explains that I need to use bicycle and need to learn to manage my time. It’s my fault so I keep quiet due to buy for chicken thighs for the new maid.

Wish you all have good days and thank you.

My Current Helper’s Feelings

Oh no! Oh no! Why do I say, “I can understand KJV better”? Lord, do I really say that? My business mentor and my cell leader heard it. How come I forget? Normally, I don’t forget on what I have said. So I clarify with her. She explains, “You insisted on using KJV which baffles us. It is very frustrating and difficult to mentor someone who is not humble enough to want to learn and insist her own ways. You said you enjoy reading it like poetry in psalm.”

I answer relating to my past, “Before I use NIV with my ex-mentor then KJV. Then I read other versions.”

“Bible is the breath of God who speaks to us and helps to know who He is. It is not about reading poetry.” She explains.

I reply, “Sorry. Yes. Bible is the breath of God.”

“I don’t even use KJV for it is not easy to grasp let alone you!!” She exclaims.

I explain myself, “Before I have been attending Christian arts group. Most of them are poets. Maybe I caught their bug.”

“How to mentor you if you ‘stubbornly’ insist your ways!!!” She raises her voice.

I am confused, “Huh?”

“Bible is not poetry. And you are not even a poet.” She insists her own perceptions. Lord, I give up on her ready. Now, I begin to see the clearer picture. When my mother questions my helper, she replies so softly. I heard her soft reply. However, my mum didn’t hear it and scolded her. Now I begin to understand my position. Maybe I shouldn’t be with finance people, Lord.

I explain myself, “Now I am reading it again. Don’t you ever mention that my English needs improvement? I hope that can help me to improve my English.”

“Don’t you ever speak to me that way!!! Improve what English when you don’t even want to ask questions despite me advising you for months!!! Ask questions and find out before getting me insulted by that Malay hooligan and letting yourself being used by him. Yet you can still speak for him!!!” She raises her voice. That immediately makes me cry. No wonder my helper doesn’t want to continue her work. Lord, should I say the reason people misunderstand her? 

Suddenly, I want her to wake up to her senses by sharing my current life situation. I begin, “I apologize for doing such mistake. And learn to correct myself.” Then I continue, “Now I have an issue with my helper. She insisted to return to her hometown. When my mother questions my helper, she replies so softly. I heard her soft reply. However, my mum didn’t hear it and scolded her. Now I begin to understand her position well enough. No wonder I feel the reason you sound like my mum.” Lord, should I tell her that IC and BL misunderstand her? They are offended by her too?

Suddenly, she sounds so angry, “I have enough of your bullshit. What’s the use of apology when you kept arguing with me despite me cautioning and advising you time and time again!!! And acted against my guidance.” This really hurts me so much.

Instead of being hurtful, I learn to explain myself in a nice way, “Does it mean I can’t even explain myself? Am I always being accused by everyone’s opinions?” Lord, I have enough of this too. Even I feel tired. She is so hurtful and too opinionated. Now, I begin to see the clearer picture, Lord. Suddenly, I remember that she shares happily to find a life partner. I can only end it nicely to her about my prayer for her, ” I’m glad and happy for you that you can find your life partner. I’m glad for the Lord to answer my prayer.” This is the problems between the older generation with the younger generation. Lord, she is so hurting. I have enough with her too. 

I have been crying my heart out to the Lord. Thirsty and need the toilet. After I drink a cup of water, I enter into the bathroom. My eyes are red in bloodshot. Suddenly, there is A voice in my head speaking, “Don’t lose yourself over her.” I answer, “Yes, Lord.”

Hard Truth

Compliments my writing
Questioning my inconsistency
In writing and in person

Speechless and wonder
What is God doing?
My Lord, what are Your doing?

Throwing hard truths about
People’s true colours
Enable me to see them as it is

When to walk away
Observing the approachable moment
And red light

All these needs
Strong relationship with God
Trusting in His hands of protection

Inspiration On: Thursday, 31 December 2015

My business mentor is concerned about my marriage. She suggests to go for marriage counselling and the telling me not to be rigid. She hasn’t understand the whole situation. I showed my affection to him by implementing my home church teaching to give him a kiss after quarrel. He felt uneasy reminding him Judas Iscariot who was ready to betray Jesus. However, I choose to keep quiet about it. Then she accompanies ne to meet someone about project. I reveal I am more interested in permanent. After the meeting, she feels that it is a waste of her time. Then she reveals the truth about the advisor we ever met. He wants to make love with her. Since then, she stops meeting him. Oh no! Why doesn’t she tell me earlier? This reminds me of my parents who keep me in the dark about my husband’s family members. When I was going to get married at Sabah, his sister left my parents and siblings. Then they walk by themselves and spot her in the McDonald with her son. Recently, my parents began to divulge it. However, they respect the sanctity of marriage. No wonder, I suffer the consequences due to my naivety. I also doesn’t want my husband to burn in hell for the sake of accompanying his mother. I choose to speak by faith from the proclamation paper that Sherrley Seah gives. Wish you all have good days and thank you.

Cycle of Blessings

Earn money honestly
Is to
Sell hard work
Sell perspiration
Sell skills
Sell time
A problem solver attitude
Motivated to solve problem
Learn life skills
Bless fishing rod to younger generations

Adding legacy to society
Leaving good legacy to future generations
Helps the society
Strengthen the poor and weak
Bless fishing rod to them
They bless others
Glorifying the Creator

Blessings overflow the society
As governments and people bless one another
The cycle of blessings
Blessed societies
Blessed cities
Blessed provinces
Blessed countries
Creator’s hands of blessings

Inspiration On: Wednesday, 13 November 3013 at 6:30pm
Inspiration Ends On: Saturday, 16 November 2013 at 2pm

Since young, I have been hearing about my grandparents’ hard works. How they earn income as restaurant dish cleaner. Gradually, they turn into entrepreneurs and bless their villagers. My parents also work hard and I have seen it since young. This really shaped my thinking and actions though I still gullible and taken advantage. Thank God this poetry overflows now.

Technology Advancement

The rise of technology
People move lesser
The rise of machine era
The increase of sickness

Technology improvements
Machines replace manual work
Manual works are replaced by machines
Escalating unemployment
More staring at the computer monitor
Spectacle populations and generations are escalating
Increase of malware, spyware, virus, Trojan horse, phising, identity
theft and even credit card fraud

Life’s comfort increases
More dependence in machines
More reliance upon computer
More lazy people
Isolation increases
More psychotic generation

Robotic era
Do humans turn to slaves?
Or robot is the slave?
Who and which will be master and slave?

Inspiration On: Thursday, 3 October 2013 at 12:30am
Inspiration Ends On: Saturday, 5 October 2013 at 11:52pm

Upon pondering of computers replace the tedious manual photo processing work, staring at the computers does increase spectacle population. Mostly, those who do manual labour don’t wear spectacle.

Fart Pollution

Steel cover humans
Humans cover steel
Daily driving on
The asphalt road
Pass gas out
Fart gas out
Of their butt
Gas of pollution

Destroying the environment
Destroying people’s health
Destroying animals’ habitat
Its final destruction
Is global warming

Inspiration On: Sunday, 16 June 2013 at 7:34pm
Inspiration Ends On: Tuesday, 18 June 2013 at 12:08pm

I have been thinking of describing vehicles from its materials.