A rubbery board
Waiting for hopper
To hop and bounces up
Giving hopper fun and enjoyment
But only to a certain extent

Avoiding exerting too much force
Exert more force
The more the hopper bounces
But the hopper may hit the ceiling
Or the hopper may landed with accident

Beware of the
Use cautiously

Inspiration On: Saturday, 17 august 2013 at 1:21am
Inspiration Ends On: Thursday, 19 September 2013 at 1:02am

The idea of springboard came whenever I remembered the scene in Pingu animation where he jumps on the springboard.

Act Cute Again

Feet steps rubbing against the floor
Friction sounds
Sounds like a penguin walk
That entire act is to
Act cute.

Bending his body forward
Bending his elbow forward
Bending his wrist backward
Imitating Pingu’s posture
That entire act is to
Act cute.

Eyes opened wide
Act cute again.

I am cute.

Inspiration On: Tuesday, 27 November 2012 from 10:05am to 1:25pm

I am inspired with how my toddler imitates Pingu’s walk and shows his cuteness. In addition to that, I often say to him that he is cute.