Seeking God Expectation

An expectation to understand
The Word of God especially in
Spirit, soul and body

Seeking the Lord’s help to
Strengthen my spirit through the Holy Spirit
Enable my spirit, soul and body

Match my body language
According to my spirit
Where my spirit depends in the Holy Ghost

Turning out into a situation
Cell leader and member seek to
Console, comfort and soothe my aching heart

A new believer speaks the wrong words
Immediate response to
Gently explain and she gladly receives

Speaking the truth in love
Comes from the power of the Holy Spirit
Please my Heavenly Father

Hope in the Lord returns
Expecting the Lord’s power in my life
To be strong in Him and love the Lord of my life

Inspiration On: Wednesday, 30 March 2016

In the end, I go to the cell group hoping to understand about the Bible Study topic on “Spirit Soul Body”. I am surprised for my cell leader and member to take the time to understand me through listening. They want me to speak out and manage to understand me on certain issues. Again, she mentions to leave the matter to God and don’t bother about it. I learn to speak out my perspective from the James, “faith without works is dead”. Then they flip to that section and read together. My perspective is to please God and do His will. Care what He cares. Treat others as the way I want to be treated. However, people tend to misunderstand me and say that I am fearful. Wish you all have good days and thank you.

Power of Proclamation

Praying for others
Cell leader suddenly blurt out
My dream about my husband’s death
A cell member proclaims
God’s spiritual revival in him
Soothing my aching heart
Enable me to stand up
In the Lord

Inspiration On: Friday, 15 January 2016

I rush to my cell leader’s hair salon shop. My business mentor and cell leader are praying hard. My business mentor prepare worship songs and a spiritual warfare video for me to learn to proclaim. I feel so thankful for God’s hands and appreciate their time and effort.

In the cell group, I enjoy filling in the blanks of the Bible study on the topic ‘Faith vs Fear’. I can relate to my experience with God in attempting to make the business idea to work for God’s glory. The wind represents the evil one who challenges God by giving me a hard time. When it comes to seeking prayer, I let everybody to say out first. Then I share about the operation in my dad’s nerve at his thumb at Malaysia. My cell group member blurts out my dream about my husband’s death. Everyone prays for me. Pamli proclaims revival my husband through the power of God. That proclamation soothes my aching heart. Suddenly, my cell leader shares a Down syndrome’s testimony who gets healed due to studying the Word of God. Once he puts the Bible down, the Down syndrome returns. Then he take it up again and gets healed. Now he becomes a pastor. I feel so overpowered by God and His testimonies. Oh no, I am convicted to go into ministry leadership and pastoral in the business I want to do for God. I care about the children’s growth. They share that autistics are intelligent. Newton, Albert Einstein and other scientists are autistics. Dyslexia are also intelligent and gifted. What is God doing in my son’s and my life?

Wish you all have good days and thank you.

Play Power Game

Playing power game
Toddler refuses to let grandma in
The grandma
SCOLDs him
THROWs angrily
Toy cup to him
But he AvOiDs

Bam the table
Talking badly
Grandpa SCOLDs her
For throwing cups to baby
She picks a FIGHT
Oh no!

Grandma SHOUTS
This is my house
He replies
This is my house

Bam the table
She quarrels
With his other grandma
Grandma from mother

She shouts
With everyone
Emotions get over her
Daughter in law
Unexpectedly, first time
Daughter in law SHOUTs back
Asking her to STOP

Inspiration On: Tuesday, 16 July 2013 from 11:09am to 11:57am

Oh, the quarrels and commotion. A headache story where my friend confided with me asked me to write poetry based on her family‚Äôs situation. So this poetry is dedicated to my friend. This story is based on my friend’s story with a toddler who loves to play power game with everyone in the family to stop from entering house. It is just a power play game. Normally, his parents and grandparents play along. Later on, he let them in. Unexpectedly, the grandma from dad’s side took it to heart and lashed out at the son. Take anything from the floor and threw at him, but thank God the thing is thrown away.

Human Mind

Human brain
Human mind
Are complex
They are beyond imagination
Vast of innovations
Vast of ideas
Vast of dreams

From imagination to products
From ideas to technology
From intangible to tangible
From untouchable to touchable

Cutting board
Mobile phone
Washing machine
Cruise ship

Inspiration On: Tuesday, 12 March 2023 at 3:21am

As I observed and contemplated the technology is increasing rapidly and improved, deep down I sense that human’s mind is fascinating and beyond imagination. From nothing to something tangible. The power of innovation is indeed strong. Creativity is also essential to the improvement. Before I fell asleep, the above inspiration just comes.