Caught with Swelling Eye

Performing my duties at work
Sunglass impair my vision
Take it off

Supervisor suddenly enters
Showing concern
Shock with my eyes

I had a fall in the bathroom
Hoping to dispel misunderstanding
Surprised with her kind concern
Have you seen the doctor?
I have seen the doctor

Sudden news today is the last day
Relieved to hear due to I want to
Fulfill my vow before the Lord

We go through my total hours
I point my mistake to reduce half hour
Due to my mistake for being late a few minutes
Putting myself in the employers’ shoes
God is fair so I need to be fair
She excuses me due to my
Work productivity?

I feel unworthy yet
God is gracious
To receive pay more than allowance from husband
He provides this month
When my husband purposely
Choose not to give

We knock off
Surprised of my supervisor
Keep in touch
Comforting to hear that
I like her compassionate personality

Inspiration On: Wednesday, 4 November 2015 at 11pm

My business mentor cares about my focus by sending slides on focus. I honestly tell her my resolution that I want to concentrate in the concept and character designs. She asks me how to find the volunteers. I am thinking also. Then I muster my courage to tell her I need volunteers to cover my ministry work. I share some part of my tasks. She gets a shock. So that I can concentrate on the business side. I need the one who does the graphic design. She questions me the reason I didn’t say it earlier. I can only answer that I don’t know how to say it. After I read the Meridian Herbal Oil, I share about my interaction with the 50 years old uncle. We speaks through WhatsApp.

I begin, “I’ve read the vital meridian essence ingredients, directions and functions. The word ‘qi’ reminds me of my days at the Comic Association. The 50 years old uncle who talks to me mentioned three things that I’m lack of and scared him.

  • Can’t sense my qi
  • Can’t hear my breath
  • Can’t hear my footsteps

    Those traits he often highlighted to me. I just don’t understand him.”

    She sounds shocked, “what?”

    “Are you shocked to hear this? I was and am speechless.”

    “You have a health problem. Avoid drug medication at all cost.”

    “Oh no”

    “Ensure you use 20 drops of VM and 10 drops of Angelica Ardent on your womb and your kidney areas nightly. Good to strengthen your qi and blood circulation. You need to strengthen your lung and large intestine meridians. But the Magnolia oil is not cheap.”

    “Well, how much was your medical bill yesterday?”

    “Around $53 plus. My son encouraged me to go and bring his dad along. He only responded if I want to go. So he paid for it without looking at me.”

    “Let him be. Fix your eyes on Jesus alone.”


    When I was working alone in the conference room, I took off my sunglasses. Suddenly, my supervisor enters and is shocked at the swell. She is concerned on my well being. I said that I had a fall in the bathroom. She asks whether I have visited the doctor. Gratefully, I reply that I had visited the doctor yesterday.

    I share this to my business mentor of being caught by her friend (my supervisor) on my eye swell. I feel so embarrassed. Her reply astonish me, “Nothing embarrassing. More about empathy. Any one could have met with mishap or accident that cause injury. Thank God that nothing serious.” Then I respond, “Yeah. Thank God I didn’t knock onto my head. But today I knocked onto my head when I was working alone.”

    Oh! What happen to me? Why does the Lord humbles me? I want to be strong. Though I tend to pity and care others, I don’t like to be pitied. I believe it is important to have a giving spirit.

    Wish you all have good days and thank you.

  • Sunglass to Cover Bruise

    The bruise under my right eye worsens
    Top right eye slightly appear bruise
    Wear sunglasses to office
    Preventing misunderstanding
    Surprise everyone in office
    Concerned Supervisor
    Asks my well-being
    I assure her saying
    I feel like wearing sunglasses
    Another concerned colleague asks
    Then I share
    I had a fall
    She ever had a fall
    Still she appears without sunglasses
    Not to worry

    Inspiration On: Monday, 3 November 2015 at 11pm

    Oh no! The bruise under my right eye worsens. So I wear sunglasses to the office to cover it. Because I don’t want to be looked at due to my bruise.

    Wish you all have good days and thank you.

    Crying Autistic

    Living in denial
    Hating my existence
    Unable to accept
    The truth and fact
    Deep inside me

    Autism is the
    Label given to me
    Coming from my family members
    Many time I deny it
    Only to surrender and learn to
    Embrace autism in my life

    Knowing the angst of my pain
    But I choose to smile to others
    Showing the brighter side of my true self
    Wishing to cheers the broken-hearted
    Yet others tend to
    Break my heart
    Take advantage
    Of my kindness
    Only to land myself
    Feeling the awful pangs of hurt
    From all the

    When my world is closing
    You come into my life with your own agenda
    Soothing words to uplift me
    Then you hurt me four times
    Pushing me forward three step backs
    Then pull me backward four step backs
    Why are you playing with my innocence?!
    Why are you entering into my world?
    Giving me FALSE hopes
    Only to DASH it!
    Enough of your mental game!
    My Lord sees it and warns me of your cunningness
    To PREVENT me from further hurt!
    This IS the FENCE of my BOUNDARIES!

    Inspiration On: Tuesday, 21 April 2015 at 12am

    These are the summary of my experiences birthed in poetry. I thank my Lord and Saviour for the right words to SHOUT it out. Wish you all have good days and thank you.

    Attempting Mouth Kissing

    Two hands
    Fingers of both hands
    Holding tightly
    Around her neck
    With his legs clasp her waist.

    Attempting to
    Go near her face.
    Attempting to
    Kiss her mouth.
    Where she holds him further
    Attempting to
    To prevent him
    To prevent his rounded lips
    From kissing her mouth.

    Door creaks
    Door opens
    Fingers loosens grip
    With failed attempt
    Mission fails!
    Quietly learn from rebuke.
    While she gasps for breathe
    Speaks such a strong grasp.

    Days pass,
    He resolves
    He answers
    He wants
    To have a wife.
    Laughter burst out
    Amused of speech.
    He laughs ear to ear.

    Inspiration On: Friday, 15 February 2013

    A few days ago, my son was trying to kiss the helper’s mouth by holding her neck. She told me what happened when I was in the room for a while. I understand that he was curious about kissing though normally he kisses his soft toys. But I guided him not to do mouth kissing towards anyone and even his helper.