Convey Message

Approach another cell leader in person
Whom I ever assist her
In door to door evangelism

The quiet dog looking at us
Its expression impresses me many times
Only to be misunderstood

Asking the Lord to enable me to articulate
Cuing her to return to that unit
Reach out to that household again

Inspiration On: Saturday, 2 January 2016

In the CG thanksgiving party, I immediately inform Mako that the household unit with the dog. That quiet dog looking at us. It impresses me a lot. It is attempting to convey a message. She misunderstood my message. She can pray for the dog. Inside my heart, “NO! That’s not what I mean.” I ask God for help to explain again. The dog is trying to convey something. I ask her to reach out to that household again. I feel so concerned of that household. course, concern is a love in action. At night, I inform her again through the text message. Wish you all have good days and thank you.