Water safety training is a necessity for children with autism

I do love swimming and I ever drowned in the swimming pool during my toddlerhood. Surprisingly, I just jumped into the pool and my butt hits the floor of the pool silently. I do not move. Sitting silently in the pool. 

When I couldn’t breath, I breath in the water. Oh, it was a water so I breath it out and see bubbles. Strange that I get fascinated with such sight. This perspective was an unforgettable event. 

At the other end of the pool, my cousins and sister signaled to my mum. Thank God for my mother to quickly picked me out of the pool.  Thereby, I can testify that Water safety training is a necessity for children with autism really is true. Thus it is necessary for the autistics to learn to swim. 

There are more laughable yet drowning events. During my childhood to learn to swim coached by my dad, I was so frustrated not being able to swim. My dad was busy coaching my elder sister, younger brother and my mum. Without informing, I left the children pool hastily. Stomping to the adult pool and I hopped into the middle of the pool. Since my feet couldn’t touch the floor of the pool, my hands and feet hit against the water like a duck. I can only thank The Lord for a man to save me and I do not have the chance to say thank you. The man who saved pushed me to the side of the pool without showing his face. Quietly, I return to the children pool. My body couldn’t move up after the froggy style. The drowned event was forgotten. Thus the same cycle occurred thrice. 

Toddler reaching 2 Years Old

Touching the table
Tapping the table
Smacking the table loudly

Leaning against the wall
Leaning against the table
Causing it to creak and slide backward
Leaning against the opened door
And almost fall

Let me go and off
Climbing the window grill
Climbing up and down
Climbing left and right
As I watch in fear
In fear of his safety
But burst of laughter
Is his response to me

Pushing the chair to the door
Climbing the chair
Hand reaching to the door knob
And the door is opened
Grinning upon accomplishing it
Leaping from the chair
And run to my embrace
Astonished by his action.

Running around the living room
Running around the bed side
Running around the library
Running around the mall
Observing a twirling spectacle display
Spinning round and round while holding my hand

Upon reaching home
Kicks in the air
Swinging his legs in the air
And off the sandals out of his feet
One drop onto my head
One landed my spouse’s face

Knocking grandma’s room door
Wanting to enter her room
No response
Banging the door
The door is opened
Enter her room swiftly
Press the door lock at the knob
But, he can’t unlock due to his height

Before sleep
In the cot
Twirl his body
A somersault occurs

Finally, the active baby
Falls asleep in the
Small lit room
With music.

Oh, I am in peace.
Peace has returned to the house.
Everyone is at peace.
A peaceful atmosphere.

Inspiration On: Saturday, 16 June 2012 at 9:40pm
Revised On: Thursday, 21 June 2012 at 1:23am

An observation of my active toddler who is going to reach two years old, the above inspiration is birthed out and penned down. In the paragraph “Upon reaching home”, his sandals drop onto the floor. Though I depict it landed onto my head and my husband’s face, it occurs in the realm of my imagination in order to make it funnier.