Sticky Butt & Glue Eyes

Glue at butt
Sticky butt
On the seat.
Like a gecko
Like a lizard
On the wall.

Sitting glued to the seat
Eyes glued to the monitor
Calling him to bath
The word
“Later, later, in a few minutes”
Minutes passed
Hours passed
Sitting glued to the seat
Eyes glued to the monitor
Calling him to bath

Repeating the same process
Before the arrow points
To the end of the flowchart.

Inspiration On: Saturday, 2 March 2013 at 1:02pm

My husband enjoys playing computer games. He can play for quite sometime before we have a child. It took him so long to stand up to bath.

As Sticky As

As sticky as a sticker
Sticky body with
Sticky hands
Sticky neck
It is
The leftover of
A dried perspiration.

As sticky as a glue
Sticking his body parts
Sticking his hands
Onto me
Onto his dad
So sticky like a glue
Such a pungent smell
Enough to faint you
With crossed eyes.

Inspiration On: Sunday, 24 February 2013 at 1:44pm
Inspiration Ends On: Monday, 25 February 2013 at 12:26am

Can’t Take It Anymore

These past few days, the weather is very hot.
Bathing only helps temporarily. Why?
Because after the nice cooling shower,
My whole body perspires again.
And sticky some more.

I really …
Can’t take it anymore.
Really, really
Can’t take it anymore.

I’m going to hide in the library.
It is the only shelter from the hot sun.

But … but…
Walking towards the library
Let the sun to scorch me again.
I feel like a worm running towards a shelter.

Reaching the library is the most comfortable place.
Forget the scorching sun.
The cooling atmosphere makes me feel comfortable.
I can concentrate and get inspiration.
Can’t take it anymore!
I’m fired up to put my inspiration into actions.

Inspiration On: Monday, 09 May 2011 at 10:30pm