Zero Motivation

I am enjoying the short film and the talk by Talya Lavie, an Israelite filmmaker who is born in 1978, comes from an animation background and decides to do more films. She raises her funds through two Israel filmmaking foundations. Her first film ‘Zero Motivation’ wins Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Narrative Feature, and Nora Ephron Prize award in Tribeca Film Festival 2014. I learn from her that she believes in her own stories and persists in her own filmmaking journey by producing short animation and films. In her animation production, she doesn’t interact with people. However, there are many communications with people in her filmmaking journey.

I am shocked that a brother in Christ (in Kenya whom I pray for) wants to start a church due to few churches and need my ministry guidance. I feel so small and unworthy. Then I ask my business mentor’s church ministry reach out to which country. Her church only concentrate in East Timor. I never want my ministry name to be in Kenya. It is just a small ministry, Lord. Who else to approach?

I am strongly motivated to produce the media and to grow in Him until a poetry birth in me titled Deep Motivation uploaded to Daylight Tune ministry blog to love my Lord and Saviour.

Nai’s echoing words sound afar ‘Your artwork is commercial! Don’t get philosophical!” I can’t be bothered anymore. I want God.