Heal Autism

An uncle (a brother in Christ) to call me, listen to my confession of sinning against Him for not listening to his nudging then he prays for me and assure me that God can heal autism. Since then I begin to sense God’s presence deep inside my heart. Then I humble myself to ask for help for career and for nearby cell group. We pray for Lih Shien’s and his mother’s salvation. 

My mum informs me of a pastor in at the nearby church who ever prays for a sister in Christ. She wishes to stop quarreling with her husband. And it it stop. So I readily accept it. Unexpectedly, mum says out to make my husband a Christian by going to the pastor to intercede. Dad keeps quiet about it. From his body language and expression, he seems agreeable. 

A friend picks me up at the mall then we go for the free make up lesson.  Throughout the journey, the friend and I have a good conversation. She has visited my website and ask whether I am a writer. Her husband has lung cancer and regret not to convert to citizen. She is 60 years old. She doesn’t see the ingredients of any food and make up products. She has two sons. Her mother is bedridden so she puts the maid at her mother’s house and she has to do her household cleaning. She praises me that I can speak well during the workshop  at the job agency. I answer that it is just nice. So she encourages me to attend toastmasters to learn public speaking and writing. 

Strange that she doesn’t apply the make up upon herself. She let me do it.

Thank God not to feel hungry for not having dinner. 

My business mentor answers my question to call WDA nearby my house. From there, I can hear the tone of frustration for her to repeat herself. I feel bad about myself to trouble her so much with my slowness. At night, she text message me about the talk by a lady Jew in SMU. From 5:30pm to 7pm. Oh no! I want to spend time with my son also. Most probably, I need to ask her to give me the summary. 

Strange. When my business mentor gives up on me, another lady willingly bring me to toastmasters. What is God doing in my life?