Left feet steps into the slippery bathtub
Losing balance
Whole body falls
Right cheekbone knocks hard into the side bathtub
Two hands push my body up
Wallow in pain of the aching cheekbone
Thank God my head is safe

Inspiration On: Monday, 2 November 2015 at 11pm

I enter my left feet into the bathtub. Distracted with too much thought, I lose my left leg balance. My left feet slips and my right cheekbone bump heavily into the side bathtub. Immediately, I rub it and paralyzed by the great pain for a few minutes. Then I take shower. Thank God for the notion to pour hot water into a bowl with mini towel. Next, I lay the towel onto my aching right cheekbone. My son and helper care about the blue black at my right cheekbone and under my eyes. My husband doesn’t observe. Anyway, I just keep quiet about it. Does he really care about me? November house allowance is not even given. That shows he cares about his own pocket rather than me. I have been considering his feelings and care about God doesn’t like divorce. I am working on my career to earn income to be independent. Yet he cares only his mother’s and own opinions. In fact, I should realize it earlier during dating days on the conversation. When he knew my dad doesn’t fight for family inheritance, he mentioned that he will fight for it. That shows his security is in money.

Strange! Even though my husband has decided to give helper the pay, my helper still cares about me though I don’t earn much. It’s true that the way to care is being caring.

Wish you all have good days and thank you.

Slip Trip

I slip
I trip

Avoiding splashes from running vehicles
Lightning flashes bomb me with fear

Paralyze my movement
Tantalize my breathing speed

Mind blanks out
Find heartbeat escalate

See the bus shelter
Bee hides under it

Rushing towards my destination
Dashing pass the trees

Almost fall into the drain
Within one feet distance
Rubber shoes stop me
Straining toes heavily to the ground

The black yellow bee seems grinning
Upheaval embarrassment is blushing my face

And the bus comes waving goodbye to the bee
As the bee slips its tiny feet against the wet pole
Knocks and trips onto the wet ground

Inspiration On: Wednesday, 18 December 2013 from 7:25pm to 8:26pm

It was raining heavily and observing the raindrops on the road. Afraid of tripping myself, I walked slowly towards the bus stop. This experience births out the rhyming words, let my imagination runs wild and playing with English words in my vocabulary memory.