Understand yet Misunderstand

Most people tend
To listen with own assumptions
Understanding based on their experiences
Awaiting to give their suggestions

Such cause more relationships conflicts
Parents and elderly
Choose to forget their own ordeal
Thus children are exasperated

The vicious cycle continues

Inspiration On: Sunday, 3 January 2016

I am late to wake up at 8:30am. I praise God for the immediacy to go to church service at nearby church for spiritual food and late around 15 minutes. Though I fall asleep in the sermon due to lack of sleep, I thank the Lord to get the message to find life in the Spirit stated in Romans 8:1-17. Indeed I can find life in the Holy Spirit. I feel His deep love. In the flesh, I feel so weak. I can add that I feel suicidal due to my weaknesses and wishing the Lord to take me home. Now, I have been forgetting certain things. Though mum helps me to apply acupressure onto the points, she encourages me to do it myself. Does she know when my hands lose strength? Do I have to tell her? Then I question her understanding of me. All along she thought I write with my right hand. That shows she doesn’t fully understand me. After she does so, I can sense the electric current in my fingers flowing. And I feel better.

Mako and SS ever mentioned that only them take the time to understand me. But they don’t fully understand me also.

Finally, I see the fruits WhatsApp status from my business mentor’s messages. She is concerned of me to get a job. Lord, what do you want me to do first? Social enterprise or the full time job first? Should I speak to get the volunteers from Facebook group.

Wish you all have good days and thank you.

Half Understanding

Have nil business understanding
But . . . But . . .
External perspectives view me
Half business understanding

Having half understanding
God’s ways
May the Lord grants me favour to
Contribute to His kingdom in my
Half understanding ability

Someone (whom I got to know in a networking session) brings me to a business seminar with his other friend. During the seminar, I begin to understand that business owner/producer create the system funnel and able to earn high profits margin. Passive income is part of it. After the seminar, I ask him the duration and reason he joins. It takes him four months before he decides to join. So it helps him and in his freelance. Next is the product training. I begin to see where God is leading me to see the “why”. Practically, I am speechless of God’s doing and leading. Come to think of it IC and my business mentor did mention I have a half understanding about business. All I care is to show care and concern just as the Lord shows His love to me. I can’t remember the words that capture her sense of purpose causing her to join as business partner and willing to mentor me.

Memorize to Understand

An essay
A literature
Theory books

But I
An essay
A literature
Theory books

That’s why I prefer
Mathematics subjects
Programming modules
Similar subjects with
Little theory
Logic rules
More practice
Easy understanding
This is me

Inspiration On: Thursday, 1 August 2013 at 7:43pm
Inspiration On: Friday, 2 August 2013 at 12:54am

I Don’t Understand

I don’t understand
I don’t understand
Why people laugh at my actions?
I don’t understand
Why people laugh at my words?
I don’t understand
I really don’t understand

Do you understand me?
My readers, do you understand me?
Does my style of writing makes you laugh?

Inspiration On: Monday, 24 June 2013 at 7:28pm
Inspiration Ends On: Tuesday, 25 June 2013 at 12:21am