Unique Business Value

Thank God for the conversation with AY from a job agency who asks my background. Then he diagnoses and consults me in my career. During the talk with him, he understands my position because he also comes from another country. Then I have a clearer picture of my business mentor’s role and my role to establish a company. Her role is promote the company and me. My role is to promote her as the one who promote the company products. He mentions that I have a different perspectives in looking at things. So he encourages me not to change myself. After looking through my resumes and studies background, he explains that I’ll get more project work rather than full time job by giving unique value to other companies. It is a shocking to me. He highlights to me that my thinking is too naive. Oh no! Then he is able to identify my unique value proposition and encourages me to do it tomorrow to use animation as a a value to the companies in their services. He encourages me to be myself and do a video on my unique services. The words that he gives me enables me to see myself as a good unique value services to a company as a whole. So far, he feels that my communication is understandable and I can improve along the way. Thank God to help me in learning to speak and to impress me the idea to create a bookmark with her name and to enable me to bless her with iPad with my given limited finance. Because she is so excited to get iPad under our company’s name. iPad is lighter for her than her MacBookAir. From her, I see two perspectives. Her loyalty towards Apple products due to the simple user interface features. Second perspective is to see Apple can create great products to build fan based on its products. According to my experiences to meddle and explore iPhone and android phones, I do agree on iPhone’s great user interface and its features compared to android phones. However, android phones still lose to apple in terms of simple features. I see the pros and cons of iPhone and android phones. iPhones are great in user interface and features except that it can’t set limits on the data usage. However, android phones have the feature to set the limits on the cellular data usage. Throughout my two years of experiences exploring all these to help my parents, ex-client, and friends, I see the Lord blesses me with such gifts. This baffles me. I thought my programmers friends who uses iPhone for years know it’s capabilities than I do. Why do I have to share my findings to them instead of myself? Strange. Anyway, I thank the Lord for that and feel humbled by His love.

Thank God to sense Hid presence in my heart during the meeting with AY. It is growing stronger especially after the Festival on the elderly.

In the Festival about Elderly Care at a university, I meet the lady (Peace Connector) who has the same mindset as I do. It is to work for the commitment to care for my parents when they are old. Apart from there, I still want to help the marginalized mothers to bring their children to the workplace and to employ the elderly. She thought I am a student and she can see the potential to use animation to promote elderly values. I thought I have dressed to look professional and my business mentor to change my hairstyle. 

Thank God for my business mentor to still answer my WhatsApp messages. That means she still cares and believes in me. This is embarrassing to send one of my diary and dream about her, rhema poetry to her out of insecurity and being emotional. Hope my other poetry is not found by her. Abba Father is also scary to send people asking whether I study Hebrew. I hope CW won’t tell her.

On my way back home, I begin to see most of the picture. My business mentor’s care on my naiveness who helps me to stand on my feet. Her different images wearing different hats as a sister in Christ, mother, dietician, health coach, physician, business partner, and even business mentor. Does it mean the Lord allows the evil one to create confusion in my mind in order to understand about social cues? I feel so speechless. I see a sister in Christ who embodies biblical values who has the characteristics half of my dad and half of my mum. Besides that, she was verbally and emotionally abused for eight years. Moreover, her stomach issue is caused by the lack of nutrition during confinement period. Based on her sharing, her mother in law doesn’t take care of her nutrition during confinement. That’s sad. Now, I begin to see God’s hand of intervention during my confinement when my mother in law let the devil in due to her jealousy. She ordered the confinement lady and my mum there was no need to have proper nutrition. But she told me to have proper nutrition during confinement. Instead of being fooled, I clarify with my mum. So my sharp ears helps to get the right facts. Until now, I feel so guilty for not listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit to hide a voice recorder on the kitchen table. So until now, my mother in law often denied her words.

Strangely, BL cares about my own project and is interested in my business ideas and proposals. So she brings it home. Lord, if she’s one of the partners, grant me the wisdom to give her the delegation of her job. Social media strategies is a good one for her though I prefer my business mentor. She must be thinking, “what is in it for her?” Strangely, there is a nudging and to relate my business teamwork idea towards her business idea on “us maximization”. All I want is how I can contribute into God’s kingdom. Never expect for me to end up in business and meet business minded elderly brother and sisters in Christ. What’s happening?

Smoke Out Of Dinosaur’s Mouth

Puff! Puff!
Smoke puffs out of a dinosaur toy.
Oh, it will need water
Or else
It will be on fire.

RUN to bathroom.
Water, water.
Bucket under the tap water
Open the tap water
Then closes it.

RUN to smoky dinosaur toy.
POUR the pail of water onto
The smoky dinosaur toy.

It will be well now.
Place it onto the floor.
Press its button.
OH! It doesn’t operate anymore.
It doesn’t operate anymore.
It doesn’t operate . . .
It doesn’t . . .
It . . .
. . .

Inspiration On: Sunday, 27 January 2013 at 6:17pm
Inspiration Ends On: Monday, 28 January 2013 at 3:23pm

My mother in law shared about my husband’s eldest brother when he was young. The above poetry is an inspiration from the actions his eldest brother did to his own toy. In addition, I put myself in his point of view in order to understand him as a toddler. Most of the time, different toddlers are unique and distinct. And most are being misunderstood by the adults and label them who are the naughtiest. Now, my brother in law is an electrician and he can repair any household things.