Wary To Investigation

Warning words echo repetitively in my mind
Instill me to actions
Pick up the phone to contact the headquarters

Such course is available to
Register through mailed paper form
Questioning everything

The reason he asks for many details
The way he puts across is to find others
I decide to cancel my attendance

Never forget to pray about it
Asking God for His leading in my pathways
Seeking His will and protection

Inspiration On: Tuesday, 5 January 2016

My business mentor’s words echo in my mind, “You should be have been careful with that guy and insist on answers to basic questions!!!!” Therefore, I call the mentioned school for such course. They have but need to fill in the form. Strange that he needs my details. When I ask for the Service Excellence class schedule, he can’t give it. He tells me to relax. It is flexible and can do arrangement with the trainer. Normally, class dates are fixedly written. I feel so uneasy. At night, I decide to message him to cancel my attendance due to attending certain issues. Praying to my Father in heaven to let him to forget my details and protect my details from hackers. In Jesus’ names I pray. Amen.

I text message to a brother in Christ (WY) about my mental agility. He calls, listens and prays for me. Immediately, I sense God’s presence in my heart. I even confide in Him about my business mentor who compares me with SS in mentoring. I feel so hurt to be compared. She doesn’t understand the meaning of my husband’s comment me being a woodblock. She uses her own family background and experiences to explain. She dresses attractively and caressed her ex-husband in the public. But he shoved her away. She feels hurt and is so offended. Emotional abuse and bullied by her in laws made her to decide to divorce. So she suggests me and my husband to go for five love languages to improve my marriage relationship. This may give her a negative response towards me. I didn’t mean that. I never expect to dig her past and she shares her feelings. However, this remind my past to share my husband’s feedback about myself to ET. “Dinosaur girl” gives her the wrong message. She highlights to me that it does not give a good signal. However, he means a positive message and his attraction towards me. Strangely, she wants me to look consistent with my Misunderstanding post. I call it creative writing but she interprets it as article. Most likely, she wants to connect with me philosophically. When I talk about my past to analyze and understand more about God’s hands, she frustratingly, “Please…. I don’t wish to waste my time talking to you!!” Why is she so impatient? That’s her flesh. Why does she tends to misunderstand me? That shows she has a different lens in her different experiences of life.

At night, I meet my husband for dinner at an MRT station. Then we find the maid agency and select four Myanmar maids. A Christian mother is given the traits of motherly. Patience is a label to a single lady. He chooses to decide tomorrow and ask our son’s opinions. He chooses the one with patience attributes. Wish you all have good days and thank you.

Stern & Wary Look

Snatching something from a pocket!
A lollipop in his right palm.
Dad guffaws
Toddler whimpers with hands on air
Dad returns lollipop
Toddler swiftly drop it
Into his pocket.

Sticking in his right palm
Into his pocket
Stern look
Wary look
To guard
His precious lollipop
As he holds his dad’s big palm with his left palm.

Sticking in his right palm
Into his pocket
Stern look
Wary look
Guarding his precious lollipop
Throughout our journey home
Throughout the journey paths
As we walk home.

Inspiration On: Tuesday, 12 March 2013 at 12:15am

In the mall, my husband bought our son two lollipops after our dinner. My toddler gave one lollipop to me then he kept the last one to himself. His dad asked him for his portion. My son asked back the lollipop from me. But his dad didn’t want and chose to pick his portion. He made fun of our son causing him to whimper wanting his lollipop back. The second circumstance occurred until we reached home.